Why Did You Choose This University Essay

Why Did You Choose This University Essay Why Did You Choose This University Essay

Last week we started a new "Question of the Week" series. Our first question was Why did you choose the college you attended/attend? Readers answered via email, Twitter, and website comments: John D. Beatty: I chose American Military University because of its accessibility, cost and flexibility. Cashew14: I chose The King’s College because I got a good scholarship & really liked the college's vision & the people I met. Also fell in love w/ NYC. Josephmcbee: I was told by my employer that I needed a degree or I would lose my job. I chose a program I could complete part time in two years or less. DLeiv: because it was challenging academically, in line w my aspirations & in NYC, where I could really apply what I was to be taught. K. Tyson: It was close. Roger W. Barnett: NROTC scholarship at Ivy League school (Brown). (In the era "BC" --Before the Craziness) Juliemrobison: I picked Hillsdale because they accept no federal funds, the American Studies program, small, and they teach how to think, not what This week's question is

Some of these job interview questions are trick questions, which are basically asked in a bid to differentiate between good interviewees and the best interviewees.
One such tricky question can be asked in different ways:
1. Why did you take up this profession?
2. Why did you choose this career/job?
3. Why did you specifically select this career as opposed to a myriad of others?

Another reason that you can discuss is the scope of the profession that you have applied for. If the job that you have applied for may soon be part and parcel of every company and industry, it is another good point that you can make when you are asked why you have chosen this as a career.

This can also be one of the most difficult questions asked of a customer care associate or a sales representative. A customer care associate job is highly stressful and quite hectic. Therefore, asking this question during an interview would put the interviewee in a quandary.
The best answer to this question is that you are always interested in interaction with people and you wish to learn/know all about the day to day happenings in a high productivity department, so that you may be able to understand it better in the future.

With the growing change in the global condition of jobs and finances, people are looking for jobs in companies and professions that offer stability and cater to many businesses. If your company offers a stable job, make sure that you inform the interviewer that you consider a stable job one of the reasons why you have applied for the particular job.

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Why did you choose this university essay

so why did you choose us? or why. How do you answer the 'why us? ' question in university interviews? Watch. Watch. Tweet. Announcements. Want to feel.

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University of Central Florida “Why UCF” Essay Prompt: Why did you choose to apply to UCF

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Why did you choose this university essay? essay on why did you choose this university The English Nation has always carried a figure equal to their Neighbours.

Essay on why did you choose this university

essay on why did you choose this university The English Nation has always carried a figure equal to their Neighbours, Why did you choose to apply at UCF.

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CollegeNET. com Scholarship Why Did You Choose Your College? I chose University of California Irvine over Northwestern and Virginia because t is close to my.

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Sample MBA Essay Guidelines(Sample MBA Essay below the guidelines): This classic career goals question focuses more on your short-term goals than the typical school might. Make sure you can clearly demonstrate how your past and present career and personal experiences support your goals, and why you have settled on your particular aspirations. In addition, you will need to demonstrate why London Business School is the right MBA program for you and why you are planning to pursue an MBA at this point in your career and your life.

Why you choose this career/job

Entry Level Job Interview Question: Why Did You Choose Your College

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It might seem counterintuitive, but because you don't have an extensive track record of employment, employers are interested in learning about how you make major decisions.

From the time that you were reviewing colleges in high school, you had goals and a rough plan for where you'd like to end up at the end of four years.

What aspects did you prioritize in your search? How did you evaluate the school? What were the other schools you were considering?

Academically, how did the school measure up now that it's been 4 years later? Did your choice work out, or did you make a change mid-stream?

It's not about how accurate your initial assumption was when you first selected the school, but it's a great way to demonstrate to an employer how you make major decisions.

Structure your answer in the form of outlining the choices of colleges you looked at, your priorities, and how satisfied you were with the decision. If it didn't turn out as you initially planned, what did you do to make the best of the situation.

It's an interesting question that provides insight to an employer.

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