There are many simple things you can do to help save planet Earth!

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We should all stand together to save our planet earth. We should not sit back and watch us die. So, come on let’s stop the logging and rivers don’t need walls.

On the global platform, social organization like PETA keeps on staging demonstration in which they expose that animal fur should be banned. Recently, Copenhagen summit took place in which major countries took participation including India to determine ways to save the planet Earth.

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#2 – Save Earth’s Natural Resources!

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we shoud save our mother earth.

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of saving mother earth. Indeed, the sense of urgency behind the drive to save the environment is stronger than ever before. After all, we only have one planet; if this one becomes totally ruined, our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will not have a home. If we all do our part to save mother earth, it is definitely possible. Therefore, people should learn as much as they can about ways that they can help save the environment; by working together, our planet can remain habitable for centuries to come.

we shoud save our mother earth.

save the earth not for you but for everyone

We should find solutions to protect and save endangered species as they are essential part of our flora and fauna. Conservation groups should open more and more wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and biosphere reserves. For instance, there are very less number of tigers left on the earth. For this,’Aircel’ has launched an awareness campaign to ‘save tigers’ in which they convince people to write articles and blogs to aware people across the world.

save the earth not for you but for everyone

The life of Human beings originated on the planet Earth .The “Mother Earth” is calling us for her protection. People have become selfish and they are killing the beautiful forests, damming the rivers and making more concrete walls without even realizing that by doing these activities, they are giving invitation to the termination of their own existence.
Our earth is burning from both ends as the river beds are running dry. The plants and mammals are like us-living things. The biggest challenge that our earth is facing today is ‘global warming’, the glaciers are melting, sea level is rising, & the climate is changing on a fast pace. So, we must help to save them all.

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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! These are the three words that can and will truly make a world of difference and help save the earth. Literally too, if each individual does his bit!


This list is distilled from three sources: "The Greenhouse Crisis: 101 Ways to Save the Earth," published by the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation, 1130 17th St. NW, Suite 630, Washington, DC 20036; "Personal Action Guide for the Earth," published by the Transmissions Project for the UN Environment Programme, 730 Arizona Ave. #329, Santa Monica, CA 90401; and Context Institute research.

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The noble ‘Earth’ has bestowed the human beings with incredible and beautiful nature in the form of mountains, rivers, forests and various natural resources that helped human beings to survive and initiated our evolution. So, now it’s our time to save our planet from the challenges which are threatening the existence of the earth…

Essay on What Can Be Done to Help Save the Earth's Environment.

Something as simple as turning off the water while brushing your teeth makes a HUGE difference for Planet Earth. Doing this one thing helps you save up to 25 gallons of water each month! You can also shorten your shower by a minute to save up to 150 gallons of water a month! By just doing those two things you are doing a huge part to save Earth! Another great way to save water is by turning off the running water while you lather your hands with soap and then turn it back on to rinse your hands. And make sure to tighten any taps that are dripping water!