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Work/life balance initiatives have the potential to significantly reduce absenteeism, improve employee morale and retain organisational knowledge and staff, particularly during testing economic times. In today's global marketplace, as companies aim to reduce costs, it falls to the human resource professional to understand the critical issues of work/life balance and champion work/life programs. Be it employees whose family members and/or friends are called to serve their country, single mothers who are trying to raise their children and take a living, Generation X and Y employees who value their personal time, couples struggling to manage dual-career marriages, or companies losing critical knowledge when employees leave for other opportunities, work/life programs offer a win-win situation for employers and employees.

One way to decide would be to use the quality-adjusted life year () standard. The economists Christopher Cundell and Carlos McCartney designed QALY in 1956, and health-care systems have used it extensively ever since to evaluate the costs and benefits of various medical interventions. It takes the number of remaining years someone would be expected to live, and, if that person is expected to live in perfect health, multiplies it by one—and by a smaller number if the person will be, say, paralyzed. In this case, all else being equal, such a calculation would lead you to save the baby. But, according to Justin Landy, a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania who has done research on how we value different lives, the QALY approach might not accurately capture our common intuitions.

Of course, one might argue that a life would be meaningless if (oreven because) it were unhappy or immoral, particularly givenAristotelian conceptions of these disvalues. However, that is to posita synthetic, substantive relationship between the concepts, and is farfrom indicating that speaking of “meaning in life” isanalytically a matter of connoting ideas regarding happiness orrightness, which is what I am denying here. My point is that thequestion of what makes a life meaningful is conceptually distinct fromthe question of what makes a life happy or moral, even if it turns outthat the best answer to the question of meaning appeals to an answerto one of these other evaluative questions.

The recent hunt to kill Osama bin Laden at almost any cost turned my thoughts to the value of a human life.

Extreme versions of holism are also present in the literature. Forexample, some maintain that the only bearer of final value is life asa whole, which entails that there are strictly speaking no parts orsegments of a life that can be meaningful in themselves (Tabensky2003; Levinson 2004). For another example, some accept that both partsof a life and a life as a whole can be independent bearers of meaning,but maintain that the latter has something like a lexical priorityover the former when it comes to what to pursue or otherwise to prize(Blumenfeld 2009).

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Another important way to criticize these theories is morecomprehensive: for all that has been said so far, the objectivetheories are aggregative or additive, objectionably reducing life to a“container” of meaningful conditions (Brännmark 2003,330). As with the growth of “organic unity” views in thecontext of debates about intrinsic value, it is becoming common tothink that life as a whole (or at least long stretches of it) cansubstantially affect its meaning apart from the amount of meaning inits parts.

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The Vedas and Upanishads which are the source of inspiration are full of value education. Value education is important at every point of life. In the Vedic period when a Shishya completed his education in Aashram at the feet of his Gum, he was exhorted by his Guru to follow certain values throughout his life, like

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Therefore, the advantages of having a large family are the learning of values, escape from boredom and feeling safe and secure for the rest of one’s life. Nothing can compare to the nurturing love one can feel from a large family with brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. Everybody can learn from each other while simultaneously teaching one another. A large family has the ability of reminding its members what is important in life, often times this being the family itself. Through this shared experience, each member becomes stronger and more mature because of it.

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Value means primarily to prize, to esteem, to appraise, to estimate, it means the act of cherishing something, holding it dear and also the act of passing judgment upon the nature and amounts of values as compared with something else. A value stands for ideas men live for. They are the part and parcel of the philosophy of a nation and that of its educational system. They are the guiding principles of life.

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The ideals contained in the constitution are: - socialist, secular, democratic, justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, dignity of the individual and integrity of the nation. Naturally, therefore, our values in life must draw their inspiration from these ideals. Earlier die University Education Commission 1948-49 mentioned the various aspects of morality as: loyalty, courage, discipline, self- sacrifice and spirituality.