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If you’re struggling to come up with the right words to describe your “significant experience” or your explanation of how that event affected you is a bit fuzzy, an EssayEdge editor can help. We specialize in providing guidance that will ensure your essay says precisely what you need it to say. Our Premium Editing Service includes a detailed edit, an in-depth critique, and the chance to ask follow-up questions of your editor. Moreover, if there’s something specific you want the editor to address, simply note that with your order. We’ll be sure to pay particular attention to that aspect of your essay.

Colleges may want students to describe a significant work experience. If you don't feel you have this under your belt yet, consider hunting for an internship this summer, or volunteering for a worthy cause. It cannot only lead you to a great topic for an essay, but it will also give you real world experience which will help you learn more about your goals as you prepare for college. Below is how one student described her summer work experience:

Everyone have their special moments, which totally changed their lives. It can be something unusual like the rich heritage from the parents, meeting with the stranger that suddenly became relative and so on. But there are things, which are common for many people such as: getting the driver’s license, marriage, achieving of legal age. Everything and every event in our life leave imprints in our fates. I want to tell about my special event that played a significant role in my life. It was the last summer, when I realized that knowledge of the other language can make substantial contribution to my future self-development and life. I studied German language by my own and always look for the possibility to learn more about German language and the culture of Germany. And I got chance to learn something more than simple written language. I’ve received good opportunity to speak German and furthermore to learn language in use. It happened in the special place reserved to carrying out German Summer Camp. It affects me as well as others in the good way! We’ve learnt the language during the interesting challenges and outdoor activities. There is only one way to understand other people from the different culture: to have something in common. I mean doing something similar, it doesn’t matter what it is: go in for sports, studying books, just having fun makes the conservation living and interactive. After the camp, I’ve got experience of speaking German. Any language barriers have been broken. It is the most precious gift that the life can offer for those who decided to study languages and cultures. So, it is hard to define how important it is for the translators from any culture.

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This is the prompt: "Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you." Of the options offered here, you have chosen to evaluate "a significant experience." To evaluate something can mean to judge the value of the thing or, more generally, to critically assess the thing. The prompt also asks you to evaluate the impact on you of the experience. So you're being asked to judge both the thing in itself, or in general, and its impact on you specifically. I'm going on like this about the prompt in order to show you how irritating introductions that get very ponderously to the point can be! I suggest you delete most of the sentences in your first paragraph.

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When you do get going, you discuss two significant experiences rather than one. That's fine as long as it is clear that the two experiences you discuss are part of one general experience. For that reason you may want to not delete the last sentence of the first paragraph. But you should probably take a scalpel to the unnecessary words in that sentence.

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Your experience does not have to be massively life-altering (not all of us have huge turning points in our lives), but can be one of the many little events in our lives that make us see ourselves and the world a bit differently. The time a classmate offered you a stolen test and you refused it. Seeing the ocean for the first time at age 15. Learning to drive or ski or swim. Notice, too, that all the essay questions ask you both to tell the story of an experience and also to reflect on the significance or impact of the event.

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Instructions: On a separate sheet of paper, write about the most significant experience you've had and explain why it was meaningful. (150-200 words). If you would like to note any factors not previously mentioned that would support your application for admission, please attach it with your essay.
This is part of my college application for XXX. The most significant experience I had is when I went to the fashion week in New York. Can you expand the essays for me?

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Uruguay was not my only encounter with another atmosphere; a few years later Brazil became my final destination before returning to the States. Living in Brazil I experienced a different world for which I had a limited understanding. Upon learning a more distinct language and thriving off a larger population I began to realize how insignificant we are in such a grand world filled with billions of people. Throughout my experience living overseas I learned much about the importance of diversity. I ascertained that although we all have our differences, we all want the same things out of life.

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I had a number of experiences that led me to the career I am about to pursue, but of late the most significant was a visit to the Fashion Week in New York. The fashion weeks held twice a year in the Big Apple are sponsored by Olympus and thus acquired the name Olympus Fashion Weeks. They give top designers a chance to demonstrate their collections to the public, and show the style-conscious audience what they are likely to wear in the coming season. It takes a successful and well-known designer to participate in the New York Fashion Week as the ceremony gathers only the big fish in the fashion industry.

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The college essay gives you a chance to reveal yourself in a more personal way than SAT scores and lists of extracurricular activities. Many college applications ask you to write about a significant experience in your life. This essay format allows you to write about almost anything important to you. The essay should reveal the strength or uniqueness of your character and stand as an example of your ability to write and think introspectively and critically about yourself. Check your grammar and be sure to have someone read your essay and offer constructive feedback.