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Free College Essay Shouldice Case. 1 Model Shouldice Hospital customized solution (as in a general clinic or hospital). In the Shouldice Hospital case.

Shouldice Hospital Essay Sample. Bla Bla the most appropriate solution would be to increase the bed capacity by 50 and Case study: Shouldice Hospital Limited.

Experienced doctors and nursing staff through careful recruitment philosophy wherein experience, good education, knowledge about domestic situation, personal interest and habits (consciously avoiding people with drinking and drug problems), and their willingness to adhere to the shouldice technique were evaluated to match their value systems with that of the hospital.

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2- Quality: separated into 2 parts:
a. Quality of design: made available by the services offered to the patients (welcoming his family, a high quality lunch) b. Quality of performance: made available by the specialization of the doctors in using the Shouldice method (seargons have an average of 600 operations/year and the rate of recurrence equal to 0.8%.) 3- Delivery: the established process enables the Hospital to offer a high admission process along with a high speed recovery (as mentioned earlier). 4- Flexibility: the fact that the secretaries are trained for multitasking Q2: Identify characteristics of Shouldice’s operations that you think have contributed to its success. The elements that contribute to Shouldice’s success can be branched into administrative, structural, and operational factors. The policy that the administration of Shouldice applies stresses on the core competence of Shouldice’s operations which is taking good care of the patient during post operational recovery and insists on personal contribution of the patient during this phase. The management at shouldice does its best to keep the patient as comfortable as possible by applying the main concepts that shouldice is built upon.

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...1. How successful is the Shouldice Hospital? Process: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Steady state scenario Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 30 29 29 29 29 Table 1 Shouldice hospital is currently only focussed on hernia operations. Their USP is their focus on early ambulation. They also put more emphasis on post-operative care for 2-3 days offering accommodation. Other hospitals do not focus on early ambulation or accommodation after operation. This gives Shouldice a competitive advantage. The procedure is well defined and structured. As it is mentioned in the case, change in procedure usually requires the chief surgeon to be present to look after the proceedings. This fixed procedure ensured that the primary operations got over in 45 mins, and minimal chances of secondary operations on Shouldice operated cases. The secondary operations also take about 90 mins. The number of operations performed by a typical general surgeon is 25-30 per year whereas the surgeons at Shouldice perform 750 operations per year. They are well paid and looked after with a profit sharing plan, and this applies to even the administrative staff along with nurses and surgeons. Some features: Infrastructure - A 17,000 square foot main building on a 130 acre estate with 89 beds for patients with 7600 operations performed per year as of 2004...

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In 1940, hospital space and doctors were scarce, especially for this non-emergency surgery that normally took three weeks of hospitalization. Dr. Shouldice resolved to do what he could to alleviate the problem. Contributing his services at no fee, he performed an innovative method of surgery on seventy of these men, hastening their induction into the army. The delighted recruits soon made known their success stories and by the war's end, more than 200 civilians had contacted the doctor and were awaiting surgery. The scarcity of hospitals beds however, created a major problem. There was only one solution; Dr. Shouldice decided to open his own hospital.

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When we talk about services marketing we realize that production and consumption are an inseparable phenomenon. So too in the case of Shouldice Hospital, the product here is the actual surgery while the service offered is the expertise of the doctors, the dedication of the staff and the overall feel of the place that makes you comfortable and assists in the patients speedy recovery.

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Shouldice depends on a unique operations strategy that is based on focusing on a single type of surgery. This strategy enabled the management to excel in serving the patients while minimize the cost and increase the hospital friendly environment. Another aspect that contributes to the high level of operational efficiency is the standardized method of operating and managing the hospital, which is very unique aside from the case of any ordinary hospital because of the complexities involved in an ordinary hospital. And again the operations strategy impacted the method of managing even the timing for each patient. As a result of all that the cost of surgery is reduced to a competitive level, largely due to the standardized operations and the low complexity.