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The Scottsboro boys refers to the nine Black American teenagers who were falsely accused of raping two white women on a train in 1931. The accusation encompassed racism and demonstrated a memorable collapse of justice in the legal system of the United States. The essay in this context shows the accusers of Scottsboro Boys along with the evidence presented to the convict. It further illustrates how the prosecution pleaded the case and exemplifies the defenders of the boys in the trial. The significance of Scottsboro Boys is evident in the preceding legal systems in the United States.

3rd quarter we are working on a research paper. As a class, we are working on the same topic. Below are the resources from which we will draw our information. Essay on The Scottsboro Trials - 2401 Words | Cram Free Essay: Let me tell you about the accusers in this case, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates. Both women were from Huntsville, Al and daughters of widows. They. Scottsboro Boys' Trials But the people of Scottsboro held a trial, instead. Of course, the result had been decided before the trial began. The Scottsboro Boys were convicted and Free term paper on Scottsboro Trials and To Kill a Mockingbird 15 Apr 2000 Free term paper on Scottsboro Trials and To Kill a Mockingbird Both trials were perfect examples of how the people of Alabama were above The Scottsboro Boys: Injustice in Alabama - National Archives The Scottsboro Boys case began on March 25, 1931, when nine young black men Jackson campaigned for their release and helped them write letters. Above: Scottsboro Boys and “To Kill a Mockingbird”: Two Trials for the 29 Apr 2014 Application of Common Core State Standards comparing observations, characters and closing arguments from two trials using non-fictional The Scottsboro Trial | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Students will be able to identify and describe the events of Scottsboro case. (5–8 minutes); Have 3–4 pieces of poster size paper taped to the walls around These questions will help students place the events in the larger context of the To Kill a Mockingbird Research Project: Drawing parallels between the Scottsboro Trial and To Kill a Mockingbird. c. This paper will follow the MLA format for essays and will develop a clear

Law professor Douglas Linder created this exceptional legal history site. It includes fascinating treatments of over 50 of the most prominent court trials in American history, including: Scopes "Monkey" Trial (1925); Rosenberg Trial (1951); Leopold and Loeb Trial (1924); Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692); Scottsboro Trials (1931-1937); Bill Haywood Trial (1907); My Lai Courts Martial (1970); Nuremberg Trials (1945-49); Dakota Conflict Trials (1862); Mississippi Burning Trial (1967); Chicago Seven Conspiracy (1969-70); Johnson Impeachment Trial (1868); O.J. Simpson Trial (1995); The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde (1895); Hauptmann (Lindbergh) Trial (1935); Sweet Trials (1925-1926); Amistad Trials (1839-1840); Sheriff Shipp Trial (1907-1909); Susan B. Anthony Trial (1873); the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial (1921); Clinton Impeachment Trial (1999); Moussaoui 9/11 Trial (2006); and the Black Sox Trial (1921). Most trial pages include a 750-1000-word essay on the historical background of the case, links to biographies (roughly 500 words) of key figures in the trials, and approximately 15-25 primary documents related to each trial, including transcripts of testimony, media coverage, depositions, and government documents. Cases also contain images, links to related websites, and a bibliography of scholarly works. There are also links to biographies of 5 "trial heroes," including famous trial lawyer Clarence Darrow, and a "Exploring Constitutional Law" site that offers 83 important constitutional topics for class discussion, such as gay rights, student searches, and the electoral college debates. Each topic includes a 250-300-word introduction to the issue and links to roughly ten related primary documents and court opinions. These topics are designed for classroom use and include issue questions for discussion. Another link explores the Supreme Court and includes items such as biographies of past and present justices, a virtual tour of the Supreme Court building, and a term calendar. Three interactive learning sites on the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers are also offered. This exceptional site can serve as a valuable resource for studying many aspects of legal and constitutional history.

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They did this through poetry and essay writing that were based on visits to Alabama and the rest of Southern US. John Wexley’s They Shall Not Die and Paul Peters Stevedore brought the case to the stage by working from the base of the Scottsboro case. The Scottsboro Narrative supplied some of the text in William Wellman’s 1933 film Wild Boys of the Road and of Fritz Lang’s Fury in 1936. These films were said to display the heart of the Scottsboro case.

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