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Write a reflective essay on a current ethics or sustainability problem, based on an extended example from a business organisation of the student’s choice.

write reflective essay on
1. whether (or not) corporations can be a force for social sustainability ( base on e reading 08 and 10) approximately 450 words
2. whether or not ‘business and ethics’ is an oxymoron ( base on e reading 04) approximately 450 words
Please feel free to edit the original work if you think they are not on topic or not answering the question. Thank you very much

An example of a reflective essay is one which explores whether you consider yourself a psychological egoist and specific examples illustrating it. Topics like the importance of business ethics, the importance of maintaining a healthy weight, using online marketing in entrepreneurial pursuits, and similar ideas can also be interesting to write a reflective essay on.

Business Ethics Reflection Essay

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