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, directed by John Huston (1951). Memorial Day began as a holiday to honor the Civil War dead, so it’s fitting that not one but two films on our list deal with the War between the States. This one is based on the classic story by Stephen Crane of a young soldier who experiences fear and panic on the battlefield but rallies to face the enemy and serve his country as well as his comrades. It stars Audie Murphy, who was a real-life war hero in World War II, and Bill Mauldin, who saw action as an artist and cartoonist on the Italian Front. The Badge is spare, sparse, and filmed in austere black and white, the studio chopped it from two hours to less than 70 minutes despite Huston’s protests. It is still worth seeing. The person who finds those lost 50 minutes of Huston’s favorite film will earn cinematic immortality. , directed by Lewis Milestone (1959). This is the Korean War’s entry in our list, commemorating the seemingly pointless firefight of U.S. soldiers desperately holding their position against repeated North Korean and Chinese assaults while waiting for their superiors to negotiate the end of the war. Based on S. L. A. Marshall’s best-selling book, it stars Gregory Peck as the officer who is forced to watch his command dwindle from 135 to just 25 men, in a seemingly pointless sacrifice. Directed by the same Milestone who delivered one of the most realistic battle scenes ever in All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), and shot in a nightmare landscape of light and shadow, the film stands as a harrowing, gripping tribute to courage and heroism. Watch for appearances by Martin Landau in his first movie, and by Gavin MacLeod — although we are a very long way from the Love Boat.

Henry does become heroic, or at least stalwartly successful, in conventional military terms, and he turns at the end to “images of tranquil skies, fresh meadows, cool brooks—an existence of soft and eternal peace.” On the face of it, there is a happy ending. Henry has basked euphorically in nature before, however, only to be brought up short by a rotting corpse. The war is by no means over; there is little peace to be had, and there is no convincing evidence that Henry will experience unbroken inner peace. So the meaning of the ending remains decidedly ambiguous. Exactly what lessons has Henry Fleming learned—that appearance matters more than reality, or that peace of mind is best attained by internalizing the values of society? If so, The Red Badge of Courage is a darker book than has generally been recognized.

Heroism is saying or doing an act when others do not have the courage to do so in a difficult situation. It is, most of the time, an act of courage, braveness, willingness, and fortitude, which heroes and heroines display. This is heroism in my own words. There are numerous acts of heroism in real life, movies, and on television shows.
Spider-Man is a renowned superhero known to be one of the best heroes in cartoons. He shows his acts of heroism in the 2004 movie Spider-Man 2. In Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man manages to stop a train full of passengers before it plunged over the end of the tracks. He rushed to the front of the train, stood in front of it, pushed it the opposite way that it was going, and stopped the train from falling off of the tracks onto the city. He nearly falls, but the people in the train catch him and see him without his mask on. Through the courage and braveness, Spider-Man risked his life to save others in this difficult situation.
Stephen Crane would agree with my definition of heroism. He would agree with my definition, because my definition is what The Red Badge of Courage is basically saying in the whole book. I believe this is the same definition of heroism Stephen Crane used for his book. Stephen’s words in The Red Badge of Courage represent the same meaning of heroism as in my words so he would agree with my definition of heroism.

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It is this very idea of heroism that is the motivational force behind many young ambitious men to join the war. This desire to live up to the Homeric ideal feeds on pride and vanity of youths and is clearly demonstrated by Henry Fleming in The Red Badge of Courage. His exaggerated and romantic notions of honour - "tales of great movements shook the land...there seemed to be much glory in them" - drives him to the decision to join the war. However, his misguided fantasies of which " in visions he had seen himself in many struggles...imagined people secure in the shadow of his eagle-eyed prowess", proves to be terribly wrong in a matter of only a few days. In no time, he found himself to be "part of a vast blue demonstration".

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As the title of the work suggests, the main theme of the novel deals with Henry Fleming's attempt to prove himself a worthy soldier by earning his "red badge of courage". The first twelve chapters, until he receives his accidental wound, expose his cowardice. The following chapters detail his growth and apparently resulting heroism. Before the onset of battle, the novel's protagonist romanticized war; what little he knew about battle he learned from books: "He had read of marches, sieges, conflicts, and he had longed to see it all". Therefore, when confronted by the harsh realities of war, Henry is shocked, and his idealism falters. Finding solace in thoughts, he internally fights to make sense of the senseless world in which he finds himself. When he seems to come to terms with his situation, he is yet again forced into the fears of battle, which threaten to strip him of his enlightened identity. wrote in his introduction to the 1925 Knopf edition of the novel that, at its heart, was a "story of the birth, in a boy, of a knowledge of himself and of self-command."

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