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Psychology Sleeping Disorder. The International Classication of Sleep Disorders categorizes sleep disorders in to three types, Disorders Psychology Essay.

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Free Psychology Paper On Sleeping Disorders Apa Format. The Diverse Nature of Psychology Essay Example. Sleep disorders can make you feel tired.

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May can be credited with being the editor, along with Ernest Angel and Henri F. Ellenberger, of the first American book on existential psychology: Existence, published in 1958, which highly influenced the emergence of American humanisticpsychology (i.e., Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow). This collection of essays introduced American readers to translations of work by existential-phenomenological psychologists such as Eugene Minkowski, Ludwig Binswanger, Erwin Straus and Roland Kuhn, andincluded essays by Werner M. Mendel and Joseph Lyons, as well as the editors. May's essays, "The Origins and Significance of the Existential Movement in Psychology" and "Contributions of Existential Psychotherapy" demonstrated that,for his time, May indeed had a rich understanding of the possibilities and benefits of an existential psychology, which he articulates well.

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