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With all the money that this creates setup cheep but nice government housing, government grocery stores and government clothing stores. Then setup a job-training program, like the ones the Obama administration is already doing, that gives poor people government jobs. Also send the best teachers to the ghetto schools. These programs will not work unless the poor work to get out of there citations. By taking all of those steps, the people whom don’t know what to do with poverty in the United States will see how this country still have some chance to grow out of poverty.

This paper critically analyses the state of poverty in the United States of America. It is a masterpiece to demonstrate the researcher’s ability to think critically and analyze social phenomenon on the basis of facts. The research paper includes the importance of ethics and morals to change the dramatic state and the aggravating rate of poverty in the United States. The role of information technology in gathering and manipulating empirical data has also been given a place in this paper. This paper seeks to analyze the state of poverty in America from a perspective of a critical thinker. The research also uses facts it acquires without motional constrictions to expound on the state of poverty in the United States. The addressed sociological phenomenon has been critically discussed in this paper along with the effects of educational knowledge to the same phenomenon.

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The Media, once developed by academic knowledge, would ensure that the oppressive people in the community are brought to light. This would also be beneficial incriticizing the abuse of power by people working in American public institutions. The academic knowledge in this institution, once incorporated appropriately, would also be instrumental to fight the cases of corruption in America. As a result, the public funds that get lost through unscrupulous ways such as corruption would be used to fund the American economy (Bremner, 1956). The cost of living would reduce to an understandable level in the United States. The world economic recession would not be felt to such an enormous extent as it is at the moment. Academic knowledge may also lead to a fair and just society considering the fact that acquisition of this knowledge increases the life chances of an individual. This means that this knowledge once acquired, may increase the chances of success in life in terms of influence and financial success. The argument about academics and poverty in America must also take a critical outlook on the poor levels of education in America among the poor people. Educational poverty directly translates to poverty in the economic arena and a dark future for America. Therefore, it is essential to improve the levels of education of Americans to facilitate lower poverty rates in the future, than it is at the moment.

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Academic knowledge is a hugely valuable instrument to eradicate poverty. Academics help learners to develop relevant skills that they use to build the economy of the country. When there is a high level of academic knowledge in United States, this means that the people of the US would have the relevant knowledge and skills to handle the factors causing poverty in the United States. US people living in poverty should recognize the importance of academic knowledge, as it is vital in the fight to counter the effects of poverty and the dramatic state of poverty in America at the moment (Mink, 2004). Academic knowledge, when incorporated appropriately in the economic fields of the United States, may be extremely necessary to sustain this field. This would be a way to lower the qualities of lives of the people living in the United States. For example, when academic knowledge gets incorporated in financial institutions like banks, it would help to counter poverty in the United States. Learner employees formulate policies that are friendly to the prevailing economic conditions of a country. Therefore, it is right to say that academics would produce a direct effect on the level of poverty in America. This social phenomenon gets affected by academic learning in the global arena, when learned people are brought into the United States as immigrants. These people help to build the economy of the US in all dimensions. In other terms, this process can be referred to as brain gain. When academic knowledge gets a place in an institution like the American Federal government, this would change the state of poverty in America since people who are conversant with the best practical way to solve economic issues get the chance to lead the situation. When the US leaders cherish and posses the academic knowledge, a future of lower poverty rates in America as it is for today, becomes guaranteed. Therefore, it is unquestionably significant for the American citizens to vote for the leaders with the interest of the people at heart. Leaders, who put the interests of the public first before their political interest, are the leaders that America needs in the fight against poverty. Also, it is crucial for the citizens of America to emphasize the importance of education to American children. In fact, every high school graduate should get the chance to acquire a college diploma to equip them with the knowledge necessary to make a living successfully. With academic knowledge, social institutions such as the Media become considerably improved. This is one of the first steps towards fighting against the poverty in America.

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Thus, the emigration of French Canadians to the United States was internally caused by demographic pressures, rural poverty created by indebtedness and a host of other ills related to the climatic and geographical characteristics of the province, low productivity of the farms, the developing agricultural crisis, the lack of suitable regions of colonisation, the insufficient level of industrial development to absorb the excess population and the low wages that inevitably attended such a catastrophic situation. Externally, the proximity of the New England factories that offered easy employment, good wages by Quebec standards, and the cheap and easy access through the rail system fuelled the migration.

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Poverty in the United StatesBy Cedalia M. TolarHello my name is Cedalia Tolar and today I am going to speak to you about poverty in the United States. I speak about this because I believe that not only is poverty the most pressing issue of our time, I also believe at the same time, that it is a problem that we have full capacity to tackle and overcome if only if we choose to do so. I consider myself to be an optimist when it comes to poverty in general. I feel this way because I believe

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Persistent income inequality and poverty in the United States are on the rise and continue to increase since 2000. According the previous studies, there is a link between poor health and poverty for all the age groups. Those with lower income tend to report poor health. For the age group that is eligible for the Medicare insurance, poor health decreases from the lowest income groups thus narrowing the gaps (Casper & Bianchi, 2002). This attributes to the selective mortality. This could be because most of the people died before reaching their oldest age bracket. Furthermore, Medicaid is a health program for certain people and families who have low income and limited resources. It is a program jointly funded by the State and the federal government in all the states. Medicaid services provide the United States citizens inclusive of the low-income adults and their siblings. It also provides help to people with certain disabilities to access medical services. Medicaid is one of the biggest sources of funds for medical services for people who have a limited source of income. Medicaid recipients go into a private medical health plan, which is responsible for the provision of the medical services for all recipients of the healthcare needs. In some of the states, the Medicaid operations works best for the private healthcare insurance. Medicaid owes its birth to the social security amendment introduced to provide healthcare and nursing coverage to certain categories of low-income people.