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Amy Schmitter's contribution, "The Passionate Intellect: Reading the (Non-)Opposition of Reason and Emotions in Descartes," is a lively paper offering a feminist critique of Descartes interpreters who have suggested that the distinction between mind and body is to be read as an opposition of reason and emotion. Schmitter's essay begins with an interesting account of Baier's method of reading philosophical texts (dubbed "reading like a girl") and concludes with a provocative section on the special role and aims of feminist critique in interpreting philosophical texts. Schmitter writes, "The question we face … is to what extent the reading against the grain demanded by feminist critical goals might come into conflict with fairness to the work of a (long-dead) individual" (67). Schmitter argues that such critique can be engaged to unearth certain ideologies unconsciously buried in our philosophical method and to release us from them. Even those who want to regard feminism as yet another ideology by which some want to re-read the history of philosophy will find what Schmitter has to say here worth their attention.

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Saul Traiger's and Lilli Alanen's essays each deal with puzzling aspects of the relation between passions and reflection in Hume. For Traiger, the issue in "Reason Unhinged: Passion and Precipice from Montaigne to Hume" is how Hume avoids a conclusion that Montaigne and Pascal drew concerning the inability of reason at times to overcome the influence of fear in belief formation.A well known case in the history of philosophy is the wise person safely supported, but looking into a precipice and believing he or she will fall. Some of Hume's predecessors use the example to conclude that affective mechanisms can make it impossible to hold beliefs we would have arrived at through causal reasoning. Traiger attempts to explain how Hume avoids their skeptical conclusion by appealing to what Traiger calls Hume's "shared arena" for reason, passion, and imagination. While reason cannot oppose passion on Hume's view, Traiger argues that reflection on past experiences, along with second-order reflection on the effects of imagination and passion on our ideas, lead to a correction of our fear of falling. His is a provocative discussion, but I wonder about the shared arena in which Traiger (following Passmore and Baier, I take it) portrays beliefs, the products of reason, as sentiments alongside passions. Beliefs are ideas for Hume, and insofar as they are the most vivacious of our ideas, they have a phenomenal aspect, as do all perceptions; but beliefs are also representations. Do Humean sentiments represent? Traiger says that in the precipice case, "reflection corrects the fear of falling," but I would want to ask whether reflection can be said to correct passion for Hume, or whether it corrects the belief the passion influences.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Passion"

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In this workshop, participants will read examples of engrossing writing about personal passions by authors such as James Baldwin and Virginia Woolf and discuss how they engage the reader. The group will generate new work through writing prompts that aim to engage deeply and productively with their passions.

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Carole Pateman, Passion: An Essay on Personality. Roberto Mangabeira Unger, Ethics 96, no. 2 (Jan. , 1986).

Passion: An Essay on Personality is a philosophical inquiry into human nature by philosopher and politician Roberto Mangabeira Unger. The book explores the individual.

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Passion: An Essay on Personality is a philosophical inquiry into human nature by philosopher and politician Roberto Mangabeira Unger. The book explores the individual.

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