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Sundiata: an Epic of Old Mali Essay Examples

For French class, we had to choose a French country to write index cards on. However, I asked my teacher if I could write an essay, and so I followed through with it. Unlike Africa, Mali isn't notorious for poverty, yet it is very poor, so one day, I hope I can volunteer there, and I hope this helps others take action.

Specific Requirements:
-As an essay, your paper must be structured around your argument, i.e. your analysis should be “thesis-driven.” (Don’t just answer the above questions–use them as a starting point for your argument).
-You are required to support your argument through specific references (note the plural) to at least 2 different sources, one of which must be D.T. Niane’s Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali.
-As the assignment does not require outside research, in-text citations are sufficient, i.e. (Niane, 45).
Your essay must include a bibliography of all texts cited (which can be at the bottom of the final page).

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