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Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a to write a comedy for the Twelfth Night holiday. Shakespeare's love interest in the film in the third essay of his.

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The scenes of Twelfth Night are carefully woven together in order to create tension and humour, and to prepare us, almost subconsciously, for what is going to happen. We are given fragments of manageable information throughout the play so that when the complex plot unfolds we understand it by piecing together all the information given to us in previous scenes. For example, to return to the Duke and Viola, the audience is aware of the fact that she is disguised as a man, so understands more than the Duke himself does as he struggles with his feelings, believing he is falling in love with a man.

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Come, my young soldier, put up you iron: you are well fleshed come on!" However Olivia brakes it up just as they are going to duel. Twelfth Night is as much about love and revenge as about disguise. We can see this at the end of the play when Orsino marries Viola and Olivia marries Sebastian. At the start of the play however Orsino and Olivia pretend to have love. We know it is pretend love because Olivia does not normally wear black and she vows to wear black for seven years and also Orsino doesn't normally song love songs but he does, " O spirit of love, how quick and fresh art thou" Orsino singing like this shows us that he is not in real love but ion pretend love.

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the film 'Twelfth night', including a final scene showing the two couples together and viola in her feminine clothes. Another problem for viola is her love for Orsino. 'What kind of woman is't? Of your complexion' (A2S4L24). In this scene viola is confessing her love for Orsino very subtly. Orsino, unsuspecting of her true identity, informs 'him' that he should love a man younger than himself. At the end of the play Orsino discovers it is a woman he has grown fond of and 'falls in love' with her.

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Anyway, I’ve been trying to remember when I first saw Twelfth Night on telly. My ex-wife and I were away for a dirty weekend and it must have been before I had started university the first time around – the Physics me. I think it was raining outside (we hadn’t gone for the scenery, so the rain was immaterial) and the hotel room had a television. I lay the wrong way on the bed and flicked to channel two and Felicity Kendal appeared, hooded, on a beach – remarkably dry, all things considered – and I instantly feel madly and helplessly in love, first with her but then much more in love with the play.

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In the end, Viola's love changes Olivia and Orsino, who do well to make up for the previous mistakes. The Twelfth Night opens with Orsino talking about his love for Olivia "If music be the food of love, play on" (Act I, line 1). Orsino speaks of his love for Olivia, so right at the beginning of the play, we know what Orsino wants to do. However, when Orsino says, "So full of shapes is fancy that it alone is high fantastical" (Act I scene I.14-15), we begin to wonder if Orsino is really in love with Olivia at all.

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She has no male company for safety, only the captain's friendship. This adds to the reason why Viola had to disguise herself. Viola's disguise as a man is also very appealing and comical to the Elizabethan audience. In the stage play, a boy would be playing the part of Viola. The Elizabethan audience would recognize that a boy is playing the part of a girl who is pretending to be a boy. This creates confusion, amusement and dramatic irony. When Twelfth Night is being performed; the audience will be able to see the big change between Viola, and then Cesario - her male alias.