John Ruddy – Oculus Deus at Paul Vincent Gallery in Hoboken

Last Sunday I attended the wonderful opening reception of local artist, John Ruddy, at the Paul Vincent Gallery in Hoboken. The gallery gives an artist the space to spread their art out into multiple rooms, and during the afternoon we all moved into one of the rooms for a special musical performance by Cris Nyne. It’s wonderful to see the artists community come out and support one another and the place was hopping! Different types of artists crowded the rooms, painters, photographers, actors, etc…

John Ruddy’s art was quite original. What I loved was that he treated the frame and the wall surrounding the picture as part of the piece. The frames were decorated, the walls were decorated… it made me think where does the art begin and where does it end? It makes me realize art is not just a picture on a wall, (not that I thought this, but it’s a nice reminder) but everything surrounding the piece and me as well.

Have a look at some of the folks who attended and John Ruddy’s work.