James McMullan Masters Series Exhibition at the SVA Gallery

Last Friday I went to visit the SVA Gallery to see the James McMullan Master Series Exhibition. I have been a fan of his amazing style of painting and color palette for decades.

One of my favorite art forms is poster design, and having seen the Lincoln Center theatrical posters through the years, I was excited to see many of them on display all together.

It was also interesting to see some pictures with a more muted palette and others with vibrant color. On display were figure studies, books and an animated film. Coming soon a new book, Leaving China and we were given a preview of the work which were beautifully painted.

watercolor painting for Leaving China, book coming by James Mcmullan

Below I have a gallery of some of the images on display and here’s a very cool video interview between James McMullan and Milton Glaser!

“When you’re making something out of nothing, doubt must be involved. If you have no doubt in what you are doing, there’s something missing..”

2 thoughts on “James McMullan Masters Series Exhibition at the SVA Gallery

  1. Tom Loftis

    First of all, I love your website!! Let me get to the point, you have a display that includes the theatrical poster of “The Tenth Man” by James McMullan. I have this poster that we got at the original showing in 89/90. it measures about 44×84. We had it professionally backed with linen. We rolled it up, wrapped it and forgot all about it until recently. We “found” it while we were moving. I cant find much of anything on the internet about it. Do you have any info on where we might go to find out about its possible value? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Tom and Marion Loftis

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