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The latest law changed one single section to 20 wide and complex sections, causing critique of Australia IT regulations . Henry G Manne argued that IT regulations should be abolished supported by three basic economic arguments. This essay will examine the pro and contra of each argument and shows that IT regulations have spoiled the notion of fairness at the expense of efficiency, despite the objective of any securities markets regulation to promote both aspects . 1. Insider trading could compensate corporate entrepreneurs . Pro and Contra

In summary, the essay demonstrates a number of both pros and contras of whether insider trading should be abolished. Looking the above discussion, insider trading should be outlawed as it can cause significant harm to investors. It is also contradict with fiduciary argument. However, Insider trading is also evidenced contribute to market efficiency. Moreover, as in Crown Casino’s case, IT regulation is criticized to be a mere flip-case of CD regulation and the presence just increase the cost of compliance. Therefore, It would be better if IT regulations is revised in a way that promote both fairness and efficiency equally.

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This essay will serve as the introduction to a collection of 23 newly commissioned articles on numerous aspects of insider trading law. The contributors cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from analyses of current issues in USA insider trading law, empirical analyses of insider trading both in the USA and around the globe, and global perspectives from China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and the UK.

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The second essay examines the relation between insider (officers and directors) open market transactions and the outcome of past insider trading to better understand what motivates insiders to trade. We find strong evidence that open market purchases made by insiders are negatively influenced by poorly timed insider purchases. Specifically, we show that the losses on insider purchases reduce the intensity of open market purchases. We find almost no evidence that past gains from insider trading positively or negatively influence open market purchases. These results are robust to various firm characteristics, estimation and sampling methods. The results suggest that managerial behavioral biases have a strong influence on future insider purchasing activity consistent with the loss-aversion concept of prospect theory. Further analyses show that loss aversion can enhance insider wealth by helping insiders avoid a loss of 5.7% over the course of the next year under certain circumstances while refraining from loss aversion under certain circumstances can help insiders to net an average of 8.14% over the following year.

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