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When we interviewed Hispanic and African American parents, however, the picture changes substantially. Hispanic parents take the opposite view from the population in general, with a margin of almost two-to-one (65% to 34%) saying that a college education is, in fact, necessary for success. As shows, African American attitudes fall in between the views of the population as a whole and the strong position taken by Hispanic parents.

A Gap Between Aspiration and Participation

The emphasis that parents place on higher education becomes even more striking when we compare it to the actual participation rates of the various groups. As shows, participation in higher education is lowest among Hispanics, somewhat higher among African Americans and highest among whites. Significantly, the value placed on college education is highest among those who have the lowest rates of participation. Hispanics, who have the lowest participation rates, are the most likely to stress the importance of higher education.

The Societal Perspective

In addition to viewing higher education as important for the individual, the people we interviewed also see higher education as important for society at large. The comments from focus groups help illustrate this conviction:

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The difference between the views of Hispanic and African American parents versus white parents emerges even more sharply when we ask people whether it is possible to be successful in the workplace without a college education. Most white parents feel that although higher education is important, it is not absolutely necessary. By more than a two-to-one margin (66% to 32%), white parents agree that there are still ways to succeed in American society without a college education. Respondents in focus groups were quick to give examples of jobs where success does not depend on a college education. A man in Philadelphia talked about sales:

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A college education is very important in the twenty-first century. By going to a two year or four year institution a student opens the door for many more opportunities in life, especially for a higher paying job. As he or she lives on their own, they learn self-study habits as well as responsibility. Social life in college allows students to meet new and interesting people and hopefully find someone special enough to marry. Lastly, the pupil gets a chance to work and study with some of the finest and most knowledgeable professors in the world.

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Without education life becomes aimless and tough. So we should understand the importance of the education and its involvement in our daily lives. We should encourage the education in the backward areas by letting them know the benefits of education. Disabled people and poor people are equally required and have equal rights to get educated like rich and common people to get global development. Each of us should try our best to get educated at higher level as well as make the good education accessible for everyone globally particularly the poor and disabled people.

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It is obvious that higher education is important in a variety of ways. It teaches you to be more intellectual and to push yourself when no one else is there. Most importantly it teaches you to become an individual who doesn't have to rely on their parents for everything. Higher education isn't mandatory if you are planning to live a happy and successful life, it simply prepares you for the workplace and allows you to learn from your mistakes before you are out in the real world. Although with a record number of kids attending higher education facilities it is becoming harder everyday to lead a successful working life without a college degree. As for what the future holds, we will have to wait and see.

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A focus group of Hispanic parents in El Paso was particularly engaged by this topic. These parents dispelled the notion that as immigrants, or children of immigrants, they were unaware of the importance of college education in American society. In fact, these parents felt that their families' status as recent immigrants enabled them to recognize the importance of higher education even more clearly. As one father in the group said:

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The Perspective of Parents

Because of the perceived importance of higher education for recent high school graduates, we conducted focus groups specifically with parents and additional interviews with parents of high school students. Parents are convinced that college is a vital experience for their children. As shows, 62% of parents of high school students say that a college education is absolutely necessary for their own children, and another 35% describe a college education as helpful but not absolutely necessary. Only a minuscule 3% say that a college education is not that important.

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Education plays a great role in everyone’s life by building personality, improving knowledge and skill and providing feeling of well being of a person. Education has been divided into three categories in our country as Primary education, Secondary education and Higher Secondary education. It develops our analytical skills, character and overall personality. Education helps a person in nourishing his present and future by ensuring aim of the life. Quality and importance of the education is increasing day by day.

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Once you have decided what career you would like to pursue, colleges allow you to take classes that specify in the area you are interested. The classes will not teach you how to do the specific job but all of the background information that will be relevant once you pursue your career. With the massive boom in college students, people such as Arthur Levine believe that in the future there will be specific colleges for specific careers. He gave examples such as Microsoft University and British Open University. He believes that the college system will begin to loose importance and companies will begin to open their own colleges to train their future employees. When this time comes, higher education will become even more important because you will be required to attend these colleges if you want any shot at a job in the future.