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Retail punters are playing with significant leverage. Brokers take only a deposit from their clients — many will allow up to 200 times leverage. Platinum Forex Trade Investment And Labour THE Financial Services Board FSB has provisionally withdrawn the financial service provider licence of foreign exchange brokerage ACM Gold and Trading. So, for example, if you buy a derivative with exposure to Sf10,000, you would only be putting down Sf50 of cash. There is only one good reason any retail investor would want to trade foreign currencies, and that is to hedge out foreign exchange risk. To understand why that happened, one has to understand how these brokers manage risk.

The standard strategy for a broker is to churn clients: bring them in knowing it will take a few months for them to burn up their capital, and then let them out the other end. The Swiss central bank induced the biggest movement of a developed market currency since the First World War when it announced it was abandoning its efforts to prevent the franc from appreciating. Trade Time Trade Price Trade Size Trade Value Trade Type; 3.45 75,000 2,587.50 O 3.47 58,616 2,033.98 O 3.47 22,681. Platinum Forex Trade Investment And Labour South Africa focused International Ferro Metals LONIFL, which produces ferrochrome, used in steel making, revealed that its operations have been hit by. London Metal Exchange; Type Commodities exchange Location London, United Kingdom Founded 1877; 139 years ago 1877 Owner Hong Kong Exchanges and. The broker is always on the hook in the event that the client defaults, so it is important for them to get their risk management right. THE Financial Services Board FSB has provisionally withdrawn the financial service provider licence of foreign exchange brokerage ACM Gold and Trading. While we tend to think of currencies as quite volatile, in fact they are usually far less volatile than share prices.

My name is Eric Muschinski & I am the editor of The Gold Investment Letter. I welcome you to benefit from our research, contacts and passion for profiting in markets NOW. We will guide you to sit tight and buy near bottoms, while staying disciplined by taking profits to protect your principal and ensure maximizing your gains in this volatile gold bull market. I have been recommending to my clients and accumulating gold & silver since 2003. Frankly, the best is yet to come as the bull market enters it’s inevitable frenzy stage and gold/silver stocks make savvy investors rich (or richer)!

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A rush typically begins with the discovery of placer gold made by an individual. At first the gold may be washed from the sand and gravel by individual miners with little training, using a gold pan or similar simple instrument. Once it is clear that the volume of gold-bearing sediment is larger than a few cubic metres, the will build rockers or sluice boxes, with which a small group can wash gold from the sediment many times faster than using gold pans. Winning the gold in this manner requires almost no capital investment, only a simple pan or equipment that may be built on the spot, and only simple organisation. The low investment, the high value per unit weight of gold, and the ability of gold dust and gold nuggets to serve as a medium of exchange, allow placer gold rushes to occur even in remote locations.

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Around the time gold was peaking last year, New York Times columnist offered up another interpretation of its price swings. Although he'd probably bristle at this, his theory is a variation on the safe haven school of thought. Here's the one-sentence version: When nothing else is going to pay much, people buy gold. Gold is only valuable to investors when a) they believe it's going to rise and b) when the return offered by other investments will be lower. When interest rates are high, the appeal of gold is relatively low. When interest rates drop, and the returns on assets like treasury bonds shrink, gold turns into a better option. Over the past decade, real interest rates -- the federal funds rate minus inflation -- have been . Today, yields on 10-year Treasuries are . All this means investors don't have much to lose, and possibly a lot to gain, by piling into gold -- especially if they think other speculators will stampede towards it because of inflation fears.

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This essay rounds up arguments for gold as a reasonable investment.

On the other hand, if stocks revive and fears of an economic slowdown subside, investors' enchantment with gold could fade and its price could stagnate or decline. But I can tell you that if you're considering investing in gold, you should know that it is extremely volatile and, after periodic spikes in price, can fall to and remain at depressed prices for a long time. Investment Of Investment Money In Gold Jun 22, 2016. Since the days of the ancients, gold has been prized, coveted and viewed throughout the world as an asset with real inherent value. It's still. (After dropping from a high of $850 an ounce in 1980, it took 28 years for gold to regain and then pass that peak.) You can make the volatility work to your advantage somewhat by taking the approach I described above -- that is, putting a certain percentage of your portfolio in gold and maintaining that percentage whatever the price of gold may be doing. But as the worries of a Euro debt meltdown faded, so did the price of gold, eventually retreating to less than $1,100 an ounce by the end of last year. If the current market turbulence continues and global growth prospects remain uncertain, I suppose gold could expand the gains it's made so far this year and possibly even get back to or exceed its near-$1,900-an-ounce peak of 2011.

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If the US dollar is moving lower, then gold prices should rise, right? Not so fast. In the case of gold prices, the above mentioned dynamics play out differently. On the one hand, a lower US dollar and lower equity markets are supportive for gold prices. On the other hand, the modest rise in US real yields and expectations of less accommodative monetary policies ahead are negative forces for gold, as investors will find gold less attractive as investment asset because gold does not pay interest. As a result of these offsetting forces, gold prices are currently trading close to our end of quarter forecast of USD 1,250 per ounce.

The rationale behind such a strategy is that over the long-term gold can provide a decent hedge against inflation and offer some protection for your portfolio in turbulent economic and political times. The result is that many investors end up adding gold to their portfolio when all the drama, anxiety and hype has driven gold to blimpish levels from which it can drop precipitously and languish for years. Investment Of Investment Money In Gold For example, the last time the clamor for gold reached a fever pitch was back in the fall of 2011 when the debt problems of Greece, Italy and Spain and concerns about Eurozone debt overall dominated the headlines. Investment Of Investment Money In Gold Sticking to such a regimen is difficult for many people. The more popular approach is what we're starting to see now: people jumping into gold when fear is running high and people crave safety. It's essentially an emotional reaction and potentially dangerous one, as you run the risk of buying in only after anxious investors have already significantly boosted the price. Is Bitcoin a wise investment much the same as gold. Personal Finance & Money Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for people who want to be. But I don't think most individual investors take such a disciplined and methodical approach to owning gold.