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We begin, not with an essay or review, but with the 18-minute film , on the DVD included with this volume and which opened the workshop. The film’s writer, producer, and director, James Thebaut, said that his work was inspired by the book (), by the late Senator Paul Simon. The film examines the growing global water crisis and its staggering toll of some 14,000 “quiet preventable deaths” per day. Focusing on China, the Middle East, Africa, India, and the United States, presents compelling arguments for international cooperation on water issues and highlights some promising grassroots programs to improve access to safe water.

In much of the developing world, “water is often collected from sources of dubious quality, hauled over a distance, and stored in the home before it is consumed,” observe workshop speaker Robert Tauxe, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and coworkers, who contributed this chapter’s final essay. Water gathered in this way is vulnerable to contamination between its source and its point of use, and thus requires the most local of interventions in order to ensure its safety: household water treatment and storage interventions (also known as “point-of-use” strategies). Tauxe and colleagues discuss the concept and practice of point-of-use water treatment and review findings of recent implementation trials of this strategy in diverse settings that demonstrate its impact on public health; some of these trials featured the effective integration of point-of-use interventions with hand washing and other public health strategies. The authors also explore the critical connection between water- and foodborne disease through a series of case studies, all of which illustrate the global effects of local water quality.

Summary of Problem
Water is one of the single commodities that make it possible for the human beings to exist on this planet. In the last few centuries, several factors have threatened to make scarce this valuable resource. The first one is the usage of water and its corresponding supply. The present usage of water has not matched the supply. The next one is the increasing demand of water that has strained the supply of this precious commodity (Bigas pp.101). Another factor that contributes to the global water crisis is the water pollution. The situation has reduced the quantity of water that is available for the utilization of human beings. International conflicts have also resulted in the present global water crisis that is being witnessed today. Apparently, these conflicts have barred the efficient use of water resources (Jones pp.95).

Main Essay
The idea that there is a looming global water crisis is real. Essentially, the way human beings have been using water has significantly contributed to the situation. Many industries have been established, and they require huge quantities of water. It essentially means that a huge percentage of the available water is being channeled towards running of these industries. The net result is that the water that could have been conserved for future use is being used with utmost impunity. The governments have not helped the matter either. They have not instituted sufficient legislation to combat excessive usage of water by industries (Greenberg pp.18).
Another way in which water usage by human beings has contributed to its global crisis is irrigation. Apparently the increasing human population has also led t a corresponding increase in the demand for food. To cater for these problems, many hectares of land that were initially not fit for agriculture have been brought under cultivation thanks to irrigation (Kallen pp.58).Huge amounts of water have channeled towards this cause. Consequently, many ...

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