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Jean-Claude Pressac: Auschwitz: Technique and Operations of the Gas Chambers

I am sickened that this report does not condemn the use of gas chambers for dogs and cats. At the very least, there should have been a time table to outlaw the practice. I participate in the TNR program to eliminate unwanted litters of cats and have faciitated the spay/neuter of over 1000 cats. But unfortunately government agencies do not help and organizations such as yours decline to put pressure of the powers that be. My local animal control officers hide behind their desks shuffling papers while volunteers are in their community trapping, transporting and recouping backyard cats. And then they euthanize cats when politicians complain about the nuisance. By showing so little backbone in report, you are sending them the message that this is just A OK. Take the easiest route. Where is the compassion for these animals. You should be the leader in this.

Do not under any circumstance follow these guidelines- whoever is the ridicous author of this misguided list of instructions is completely asleep and does not – at all- understand what horror he/she is allowing for. Do no more harm. Respect life even when you are ending it. Tortue chambers are simply unacceptable- DO NOT EVER COMPLY!! Follow a higher guideline, you know in your heart this is wrong. Do not follow these guidelines- do not use it as an excuse to allow for Gas Chambers another day. Do not follow to save a lousy buck. DO NOT PUT A NOTHER LIVING CREATURE IN A DAMN GAS CHAMBER!! Then drop to your knees and beg forgiveness for all the previous souls you tortued in there. Would be willing to put a fellow man or an innocent child in one- didnt think so- then you have no doubt that it is tortue. “I HOLD THE MORE HELPLESS A CREATURE, THE MORE ENTITLED IT IS BY PROTECTION BY MAN FROM THE CRUETLY OF THE AVMA!” Gandhi

The use of gas chambers is a horrific, barbaric method of ending a life and it has absolutely no place in a civilized society. It amazes me that this is still an issue to be debated. Animals who have found themselves homeless through no fault of their own deserve better than this. This cruel method of ending a life does not need to be debated, it needs to be stopped. Now. Everywhere. Totally unacceptable.

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After the Battle does suggest that a homicidal gas chamber was built in Dachau: "The official literature on sale in the museum shop states that the gas chamber was never used for its intended role but only as a shower room." This claim is almost amusing. Eyewitness after eyewitness repeats gripping, mournful tales of innocent prisoners stepping in to take a shower, only to find poison gas pouring out of the showerheads. Now the "official literature" tells us that the opposite was really true. Instead of stepping into a shower room to be gassed, we are now told they stepped into a gas chamber only to be showered!

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In spite of the eyewitness accounts we have recounted here, Dachau has been officially exorcised of the gas chamber demon. Simon Wiesenthal, the famed hunter of alleged ex-Nazis, wrote in a letter published in 1975: "Because there were no extermination camps on German soil the neo-Nazis are using this as proof that these crimes did not happen and furthermore exhibit witnesses from German Labour-Camps who have never seen mass-extermination."

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The undressing room. The victims entered down concrete steps to the far right and walked the length of this room to enter the gas chamber.

It is probably no coincidence that the three predicates of the sequence indicate things that prompted widespread anxiety and fear in the early 20th Century: disease and disease control measures, poison gas usage, and cremation. Looked at from this angle, the shower-gas-burning scenario, along with the vacuum chambers, the electrocution plates, the lampshades, the soap, the medical experiments, and the films of executions and mass murders that were purportedly the delight of the Nazi leadership, are all, at least on some level, simple expressions of a myth of a 20th Century Inferno:474

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The critical response could be twofold. First, the critic could say that the hundreds (really, dozens) of eyewitnesses and confessors could not be lying, they must be telling the truth in describing gas chambers, because if they were lying one would have to hypothesize a massive amount of collusion among them in order to make their stories converge.

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But when we review the "criminal traces" we do not find evidence of gas chambers after all. Indeed, looking at the "criminal traces" in the light of German civil defense literature, we find instead that Pressac has unwittingly made a convincing argument that each of the Birkenau crematoria was equipped with a gas-tight bomb shelter, and that these shelters also included decontamination facilities in the form of showers and baths.447 In this respect it is important to note that the crematorium at the base camp was known to have been used as an air raid shelter, although its poison gas protection features have rarely been commented on.448

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Pressac's study represented an attempt to prove that the four Birkenau crematoria were equipped with gas chambers, strictly on a material and documentary basis. The centerpiece of Pressac's massive tome was a list of some three dozen "criminal traces" which represented the totality of material and documentary evidence that can be offered in support of the thesis that mass gassing occurred at the Birkenau crematoria.443 (There is no material or documentary evidence for gassings at any other locations at Auschwitz.)444

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THE ISSUE OF AIR RAID SHELTERS and gas protection at the concentration camps leads directly to the purported evidence of gas chambers in the Birkenau crematoria, which have been the subject of an important study by the Frenchman, Jean Claude Pressac.442