Gallery Hopping in Downtown Jersey City

As Bilbo Baggins once said in LOTR by J.R.R. Tolkin, “It’s amazing what can happen once you step outside your door!”

It was a very long week and I had worked long hours and by friday was quite tired. My good friend and photographer, John Crittenden and I had planned on visiting a bunch of galleries, but it was a rainy, dreary day and I wasn’t sure I was up for it. However, I had a feeling I needed to go with him, and so off we went.

First stop was the  _gaia gallery space at 315 3rd street. They had some interesting photographs up and a small intimate crowd had gathered. While there, I made a connection through a friend to a woman who works at the Bronx Zoo and can help my cause, Frogs Are Green. Then I met the artist Aileen Bassis, who is also a school teacher (kids may enter the 2011 Frogs Are Green art contest) and her friend Andrew Kapochunas, (we had a neat discussion about single malts and Scotland).

Next stop was “Unzipped” showing the two artists, “Then One” & “Ntel” at 58 Gallery at 58 Coles Street. Very cool gallery design and multimedia artwork, (you’ll see in the photos).

We picked up another friend there, and off we went to the closing party of “Freeze” at Art House Productions, Hamilton Square, 1 McWilliams Place. As I moved around the room I noticed a beautiful photograph of a cat and standing next to me is my friend John, taking a few pictures of the exhibit. I look down at the card saying who’s work it was and it was John’s piece! The conversation went something like this… “I’ve never seen this photograph, I want it!” He looks at me surprised, “what?” he says… I say, “I’m buying it!” “Really?” he says… “Yes!” and I did.

I’ve never bought an image off the wall in a gallery before, and it was thrilling! The picture is now proudly hanging in my home!

After seeing all this artwork, we were so hungry, so off we went for a bite at the Hard Grove Cafe. The food there is always awesome, and the place was packed… and it was Karoke night! This kid (in photo) was fabulous!


Saturday evening was the closing party for John’s exhibition at Made With Love, Actualities II. Friends gathered, wine flowed, and great food of course!

Here’s a small gallery from the weekend.