Free Webinars for Creatives and Small Business Owners to Gain Vital Visibility

I’ve created an online webinar series with the intention of attracting creatives and small business owners who are not seeing the web traffic and social media audience they desire for gaining new opportunities, clients and more importantly, sales.

In Hoboken and Jersey City we have a stimulating, thriving artist community, but most creatives are struggling for a number of reasons, and most definitely because they don’t use the web to their advantage. Some still have no website. Some build a simple website presence and leave it, thinking it’ll now do all the work for them. And some don’t like or use social media.

Wake up people, with a little help from your friend here, you could see some dramatic changes.

So, I’m writing this post to outline how these webinars will directly effect YOUR business.

1- If you are not expanding your mind everyday, and learning new things, you are moving backward, not forward.

2- These webinars are currently FREE. Once aired and recorded, in replay mode.

3- The topics I have chosen are critical and power-packed with actionable tips. Topics include Facebook Timeline branding and marketing must haves, Ultimate Marketing Tips, How to Create Effective Marketing Videos, Print vs Web for Gaining New Clients and Doing Business, Writing Rich SEO Content for Websites and Blogs, Alliance and Social Networking, and Work and Life, Finding the “Me” Time. (The Fall has totally different online classes and speakers.)

4 – The guest speakers have brilliant expertise and were chosen by me.

5- When you implement what you have learned, it WILL change your business.

Trust me when I say that I am giving you the information you need to propel your craft, visibility and the world is waiting to hear from you.

What do you have to lose? Tune in, watch a few and I know you will be back from more. Check out these testimonials:


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