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There is no question that children who grow up in fatherless homes have a much greater risk of major challenges in life than those who grow up with a father at home. We might want to believe otherwise - and sometimes political correctness causes us to want to think otherwise, but the truth is in the data. These statistics are alarming and should give any father pause.

David Blankenhorn’s eloquent book, Fatherless America, is thus well-timed. And he is amply qualified to write it. Blankenhorn founded and today heads the Institute of American Values and chairs a new endeavor called the National Fatherhood Initiative. He has impeccable credentials as an articulate, thoughtful, and moderate advocate devoted to the renewal of the American family in general and to responsible fatherhood in particular.

Drug Use. A study from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services concluded that fatherless children are at a dramatically greater risk of drug and alcohol abuse. Source: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Center for Health Statistics. Survey on Child Health. Washington, DC, 1993

Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem. by David Blankenhorn. Basic Books. 352 pp. $23.00.

The following oral essay, “Fatherless America,” is based on his remarks to an American Experiment Luncheon Forum of the same name on January 13, in Minneapolis. The fact that its broadcast, two days later on Minnesota Public Radio, led to the most requests we’ve ever had for an audio tape, speaks not just to his presentation, but to the degree to which citizens are starved for frank talk on this hard and flammable subject. A few samples from his speech:

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Other effects of absence of father can be exposed on categories like education, insecurity, or crime. Statistics down below show us the serious effects of an absent father. Fatherless children are twice as likely to drop out of school or repeat a grade (The Father), seventy-five percent of all adolescent patients in chemical-abuse centers are from fatherless homes, sixty-three percent of young people who commit suicide are from fatherless homes, and seventy percent of teen pregnancies are from fatherless homes (Benson). Without proper guidance from a father, most fatherless children spend a longer time indecisively wandering around to find the path of life and in the process make irreversible mistakes.

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(Because only a portion of each age group grew up in a fatherless home,)these statistics translate to mean that children from fatherless homesare:

Pastor Ken Hutcherson gives the mind-blowing statistics behind the impact a fatherless home can have on a child.

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...The Impact of Fatherless Children Alexander Ontiverios Essay Report The last several decades have seen an alarming trend of increasing father absence or fatherlessness. Fatherlessness is widely recognized as a contributing factor to a myriad of social maladies in the United States. Father absence has been a subject of heated debate and the center of countless surveys, focus groups and opinion polls. There are some who disagree as to exactly how culpable absent fathers are for many of the social ills we’re seeing in our society today, but there’s no denying it is a problem. This paper will endeavor to show that in spite of often heroic efforts by single mothers to rear their children as productive members of society, there is an overwhelming amount of data indicating fatherlessness as a significant factor of violent crime, educational under-achievement, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teenage pregnancy and behavioral disorders and it is vital that children have a father proactively involved in their lives wherever possible. Arguably the most desperate reason for fathers to engage in a positive way in their children’s lives is reflected in the statistics of violent crime. The young men of society today are growing up without fathers to guide them and teach them right from wrong. This has produced a generation of young men who are astonishingly angry. According to a report by Criminal Justice and Behavior, “Eighty percent of rapists motivated...

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In the book Fatherless America: Confronting our Most Urgent Social Problem, David Blankenhorn (1995) asserts that father’s absence is the most harmful demographic tendency of the present younger generation. It is the main reason for the decrease in children’s well-being in society. Father’s absence is a root of the most acute social problems, such as crime, early pregnancy, child sexual abuse, and violence against women. Furthermore, boys raised without fathers suffer from mental and emotional disorders more than their peers from full families. They are less adapted to society.

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America, is based on his remarks to an American Let me put my thesis on your table as What is david blankenhorn fatherless america thesis(1 voti).

Fatherless America : confronting our most urgent social problem / By: Blankenhorn, David

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