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The present mixed-method study attempted to investigate the efficacy of using an interactionist dynamic assessment procedure to assist university EFL learners in writing argumentative essays. It also sought to discover the differential effect of dynamic assessment in face-to-face versus web-based modes of delivering mediation. The quantitative component of the study revealed the outperformance of the experimental group on the posttest. However, the two modes of delivering mediation had no differential impact on the degree of improvement of the two experimental groups in the essay writing ability. Furthermore, with regard to the transfer tasks, the experimental groups could successfully transfer their learning to the near and far transfer tasks. The qualitative analysis of the negotiations also demonstrated an improvement in the essay writing ability of the participants over the sessions. Merging the quantitative and qualitative analyses, the study found that interactionist dynamic assessment, in both modes, can have positive effects on the learners’ ability to write better argumentative essays.

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but also know some writing Common Problems You May Face While Writing an Argumentative Essay. it is important that your paper is still research.

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Most people describe poverty as a lack of essential items, such as food, clothing, and shelter. When individuals are not able to afford nutritious meals, attend school regularly, or have access to health care, regardless of their income, they can be considered to be in poverty. The new face of poverty involves many people who are homeless because problems that arose, or unforeseen circumstances occurred, forcing them into these situations. In the essay, “The Untouchables,” Kozol wrote about the struggles and hardships Richard Lazarus and others encountered because of homelessness.

Eight Essays on the Face from Boston Review

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