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The Lennox jewel as it is known shows her dedication to her family, as well as her dynastic ambitions. Out of all the Tudor girls, it was Lady Margaret Douglas, future Countess of Lennox through her marriage to Matthew Stewart, who took the most after her namesake Margaret Beaufort.

After his first regent died, Margaret’s husband became his protector and when he was killed, Margaret became depressed but no less determined to ensure his safety. The Lennox Jewel shows her grandson being crowned and blessed by the heavens, much like Margaret Beaufort wanted the Tudor dynasty to be portrayed: as a dynasty blessed by God.

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The beginning of the Tudor dynasty coincided with the first dissemination of printed matter. William 's press was established in 1476, only nine years before the beginning of Henry VII's reign. Caxton's achievement encouraged writing of all kinds and also influenced the standardization of the English language. The early Tudor period, particularly the reign of Henry VIII, was marked by a break with the Roman Catholic Church and a weakening of feudal ties, which brought about a vast increase in the power of the monarchy.

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The Tudor dynasty or House of Tudor was a well-known European royal house of Welsh origin. It rained England from 1485 until 1603. The first monarch of The Tudor dynasty was Henry Tudor. He was a successor through his mother of a legitimized division of the English royal House of Lancaster. The Tudor family gained power in the wake of the Wars of the Roses, which left the House of Lancaster, to which the Tudors were aligned, extirpated.

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was also losing favour. After forcibly removing Edward VI to , with the intention of keeping him hostage, Somerset was removed from power by members of the council, led by his chief rival, , the first , who created himself shortly after his rise. Northumberland effectively became Lord Protector, but he did not use this title, learning from the mistakes his predecessor made. Northumberland was furiously ambitious, and aimed to secure Protestant uniformity while making himself rich with land and money in the process. He ordered churches to be stripped of all traditional Catholic symbolism, resulting in the plainness often seen in churches today. A revision of the was published in 1552. When Edward VI became ill in 1553, his advisers looked to the possible imminent accession of the Catholic Lady Mary, and feared that she would overturn all the reforms made during Edward's reign. Perhaps surprisingly, it was the dying Edward himself who feared a return to Catholicism, and wrote a new repudiating the 1544 will of Henry VIII. This gave the succession to his cousin , the granddaughter of Henry VIII's sister , who, after the death of in 1515 had married Henry VIII's favourite , the first . Lady Jane's mother was , the daughter of Suffolk and Princess Mary. Northumberland married Jane to his youngest son , allowing himself to get the most out of a necessary Protestant succession. Most of Edward's council signed the , and when Edward VI died on 6 July 1553 from his battle with tuberculosis, Lady Jane was proclaimed queen. However, the popular support for the proper Tudor dynasty–even a Catholic member–overruled Northumberland's plans, and Jane, who had never wanted to accept the crown, was deposed after just nine days. Mary's supporters joined her in a triumphal procession to London, accompanied by her younger sister .

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Henry Tudor was able to establish himself as a candidate not only of the traditional Lancastrian supporters, but of discontented supporters of the rival , and rose to capture the throne in battle, becoming . His victory was reinforced by his marriage to , symbolically uniting the former warring factions under a new dynasty. The Tudors extended their power beyond , achieving the full union of England and the in 1542 (); and successfully asserting English authority over the . They also maintained the traditional (i.e. nominal) claims to the , but none of them tried to make substance of it, though Henry VIII fought wars with France to try to reclaim that title. After him, his daughter lost the claim on France forever with the Fall of .

and name a successor ultimately led to the demise of the Tudor dynasty and the accession of a Scottish ..

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s tutor to the infant king Henry VI, Richard Beauchamptravelled with his charge to France, and died there in 1445. Richard's daughter, Ann, received Cardiff Castle as part of herinheritance, and her husband, Richard Neville, became its new lord. Neville later became known as "Warwick, the King-Maker" for hisextreme influence in the affairs of State. After the King-maker'sdeath in 1471, the fortress at Cardiff passed first to his eldestdaughter, another Isabel, and then to her sister, Ann (whosehusband, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, became King Richard III in1483). Upon King Richard's defeat by Henry VII, founder of theformidable Tudor dynasty, Cardiff Castle was granted to the newking's well-respected uncle, Jasper. With the exception of a brieftime when Ann Beauchamp regained possession of the castle, itbelonged to the monarchy for the next 75 years.