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The Constitution’s 25th Amendment, adopted in 1967, came into use for the first time. It provided that a vacancy in the office of vice president could be filled by nomination by the president and confirmation by both houses of Congress. President Richard Nixon, reeling from the twin blows of the Watergate scandals and the Agnew bribery charges, began a frantic scramble to fill the vacancy with someone acceptable to the public and whom Congress would quickly approve. He also needed someone he could trust as unquestionably loyal.

Richard Milhous Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 in Yorba Linda, California tothe proud parents of Francis Anthony Nixon and Hannah Milhous Nixon. Nixon, thesecond of five sons, came from a southern-Quaker family, where hard work and integritywere deeply-rooted and heavily emphasized. A terrific student, young Richard attendedpublic schools in Whittier, California, where he grew up, and was later invited by Harvardand Yale to apply for scholarships. The affects of the Depression and his older brother'sillness made his presence necessary close to home, so he attended nearby Whittier College,where he graduated second in his class in 1934. Nixon went on to law school at DukeUniversity, where his seriousness and determination won him the nickname "GloomyGus." After graduating third in his class in 1937, Nixon applied for jobs with largeNorthwestern law firms and the FBI. His applications were all rejected, however, hismother helped him get a job at a friend's local law firm. There, Nixon met his fianceeThelma Ryan. On June 21, 1940, Thelma and Richard were married and soon after wouldhave two children, daughters Patricia Nixon in 1946 and Julie Nixon in 1948.

Agnew’s removal was accomplished by having Jewish businessmen testify that they had given him kickbacks on state contracts while he was governor of Maryland. He was replaced as Vice President by House Minority Leader Gerald Ford (R.-Mich.), who assumed the Presidency from Richard Nixon 10 months later.

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Local and national Republican leaders encouraged Nixon to challenge incumbent for in . Despite initial reluctance, Nixon entered the race. The campaign was clouded by public suspicion that Nixon viewed the office as a stepping-stone for another presidential run, some opposition from the far-right of the party, and his own lack of interest in being California's governor. Nixon hoped that a successful run would confirm him in his status as the nation's leading active Republican politician, and ensure he remained a major player in national politics. Instead, he lost to Brown by more than five percentage points, and the defeat was widely believed to be the end of his political career. In the morning after the election, Nixon blamed the media for favoring his opponent, saying, "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference". The California defeat was highlighted in the November 11, 1962, episode of 's entitled "The Political Obituary of Richard M. Nixon". Alger Hiss appeared on the program, and many members of the public complained that it was unseemly to allow a convicted felon air time to attack a former vice president. The furor drove Smith and his program from the air, and public sympathy for Nixon grew.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "richard nixon"

Nixon was offered a tuition grant to attend , but Harold's continued illness and the need for their mother to care for him meant Richard was needed at the store. He remained in his hometown and attended , his expenses there covered by a bequest from his maternal grandfather. Nixon played for the basketball team; he also tried out for football but lacked the size to play. He remained on the team as a substitute and was noted for his enthusiasm. Instead of fraternities and sororities, Whittier had literary societies. Nixon was snubbed by the only one for men, the Franklins; many members of the Franklins were from prominent families, but Nixon was not. He responded by helping to found a new society, the Orthogonian Society. In addition to the society, schoolwork, and work at the store, Nixon found time for a large number of extracurricular activities, becoming a champion debater and gaining a reputation as a hard worker. In 1933, he became engaged to Ola Florence Welch, daughter of the Whittier police chief. The two broke up in 1935.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "Richard Nixon"

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The Franklin-Orthogonian distinction is a constant in Nixon's life. His first major opponents, a millionaire banker's son, and a famous actress and friend of Eleanor Roosevelt, could be seen as Franklins. So could his first most prominent victim, the elegant diplomat Two of his most frequent Democratic targets, and surely were Franklins. John F. Kennedy, rich and cool as Nixon would never be, obviously was another. Whether or not Nixon actually saw these adversaries as Franklins, their presence and manner are bound to have whetted his class instinct; and must have been the more crushing because of it....

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Any number of Richard Nixon's associates will tell you that glad-handing and pressing the flesh did not come naturally or congenially to him. When closely observed, he always seemed somehow ill at ease. His gestures when he spoke-- the counting of points on the fingers, the arms upstretched in the victory sign or sweeping around his body like a matador flicking a cape before a bull--the body language always seemed a little out of sync with what he was saying, as if a sound track were running a little ahead of or behind its film.

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Is it too much to suppose, then that Richard Nixon suffered from feelings of inadequacy and was lacking in a sense of self-worth? That he felt bitterness toward those gifted Franklins in their tuxedos to whom good things came easily and who thus deserved them less? A decade after he resigned the presidency, he told Ken Clawson:

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I believe it is possible to see the life of Richard Nixon as along, relentless effort to "change those attitudes byexcellence, personal gut performance." ....It's easy to say, and it often is said, that had Nixon comeclean about in the beginning, when he had no directresponsibility, the affair would quickly have blown over and hewould have survived. That may be true, but it ignores the factthat the man Richard Nixon was by 1972 couldn't come clean.

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So he did--and the indelible marks Richard Nixon left onAmerican history are Watergate and his before he could be impeached. Those events causemany to believe him an evil man who schemed to subvert theConstitution; they cause others to consider him a victim of thepress, the liberals, the Democrats, even the CIA or thePentagon. And looking back at Watergate, many Americans can'tsee beyond it the achievements of a president who oftenresponded to the pressures of his time with knowledge and skilland sometimes even with courage--qualities the American peopleapparently don't find in most of their leaders today.