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The film starts with Gump, sitting at the bus stop. He is telling his story to the woman who is seated next to him. The audience at the bus stop always changes gradually. This is a key aspect in studying the effects of Gump’s stories. The character, played by Hanks, is well portrayed since Gump was meant to come out as an inspirational figure. He displays the character of bravery and patriotism at equal levels. This character is well played by Hanks because he creates that picture that is relevant in the cast. The personality of Forrest is further given an image boost by the person who plays it because the real sense the movie wanted to portray is a character that is of an intellect who is not blessed and overcomes the disability to bring out a citizen who is responsible and progressive (Lee, 2009). The acting is also exceptionally convenient since the casts are physically fit to play their roles. A case example is the part, where Forrest Gump is elected into the college team for his excellent endurance abilities and physique. An additional part is how he participates in the race.

The concept of the film is realized through how an ordinary person like Forest Grump influences the lives of many people just by telling his own version of life. A straightforward story is always quite strong. This can be attested by how Forest Grump leads many people to follow his ideals. The actor influences the lives of the native people in Alabama. This is by not telling them just to follow their dreams but also giving out his experience as a focus point. In any storytelling session, the most significant factor is gaining majority acceptance. Forest Grump is an ordinary citizen who has a low intelligence quotient. He has a connection to his childhood friend Jenny since the early days of preschool. His mother teaches him about the structures of life but tells him that the choice of fortune is his. The young Forrest joins the Army for a service time in Vietnam. Due to his diligence in the work, he wins several medals and makes new friends - Dan and Bubba. He also pioneers the development of a prominent shrimp fishing team. Additionally, he inspires people to work out and meets the president. The main issue that affects Gump is the fact that Jenny has destroyed his life. He tries to establish a relationship with her and make a mindset that love is everlasting. It is obvious that the life of a slow intelligent person is not always as that of Gump (Moller, 2011). Therefore, the life of Grump is exceptional as he sheds light on how positive living should be conducted. He tells his story to anyone who cares to listen. This captures the minds and hearts of many people, especially those at the bus stop. He is also there, when many historic occurrences take place.

The movie Forrest Gump was created in the year 1994 through an inspiration from a novel, going by the same name. The film portrays respectable actor Tom Hanks as the main character. He is referred to as Forrest Gump. It was directed by the highly regarded Robert Zemeckis. Forest Gump is born in Alabama. The story line shows his life and the way he influences a number of pertinent issues of the 20th century. The paper discusses the film in a critical analysis.

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Forrest Gump is one of the most stirring people in the world. Although he is a fictional character, he is praised in the film industry for the part he plays in the making an inspirational movie. He represents the way modern people deal with problems. Many people identify themselves with situations. He is an inspiring figure, as he teaches people how to handle situations in life. Forrest has three distinct features that separate him from many people. One of the key features is that he is honest. The honesty is essential since he is open-minded and tells people that he is suffering from that disease. He is not shy to relate with people. The other quality is that he is compassionate. This factor is evident through his love for Jenny. The last factor that separates Forrest from other people is integrity. It is hard to find a person who is intellectual like Forrest who is suffering from such sickness (Lee, 2009). He even went ahead to support Bubba’s family long after he died. Running is a trademark of Gump. This is a compelling factor, considering his physical fitness. He had a lot of integrity in life. This significant factor made him succeed. Forrest quotes Bulwer-Lytton and says that a healthy heart is better than all the brain the world can offer. This is an inspiring quote, which gives out the impression that people must love before they put other businesses in front of their lifeline.

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The film, Forrest Gump has taught and given me numerous insights to the cinematography world and what lies behind it. I believe everything happens for a reason, and if a scene is shot in a particular method, there has to be a reason or an idea to justify it. The opening scene of the film is a floating feather, which is shot in a close up. After floating for a some time in the wind, the feather finally ends up on the ground next to Forrest Gump’s shoe and stops moving. A close up of the shoe along with the feather is shown, which in my understanding interprets the importance of the feather, and the dirty shoe as well. During the course of the opening scene the camera technique used is tracking. The director might have focused on the dirty shoe to represent Forrest’s resilience and strength to have overcome bullies and other difficulty in his life in accordance to Mrs Gump, where they're going and where they've been.
The close up then resumes on to Forest picking up the feather, during that specific shot the camera tilted and Forrest was presented. The camera then switched into a medium shot which is half of his body, to emphasise on Forrest’s facial expression as they are the centre of attention of the film itself. The director played and provided emotional appeal to the audiences. The focus on Forrest was then crippled as a bus came along and blocked the view. That particular shot kept me on the edge of my seat. It is a great way to create suspense. The camera remains still until the woman who comes off the bus sits on the bench next to Forrest. The, camera quickly zooms into a close up of Forrest’s face, where he squints, to unveil that there is a flashback coming up.
In my observation, the most common angle put to use is POV, perhaps it is to expose us to how Forrest Gump, perceives the world. One of many examples is when forrest is in the army, many close up shot were put to use, either to show wounds from war or blood. It...