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Fad diets are dietary habits that are practiced with the exaggerated purpose of curing a specific disease, and expressing a specific life style such as weight loss. Losing weight is effortless as gaining it. Currently, a lot of weight loss products are available including the most common way that involves using the pill. It is well recognized that fad is not the suitable way of losing weight and better methods exist (Debruyne et al., 2011). Instead of demonizing it, it is essential to learn how deal with it. One just needs to eat fewer calories than the body can synthesis, raise the activity level and decrease the calories consumed to lose weight safely, but this seems to be procedural without promising result forcing many to opt for fad diets.

Popular assertions regarding fad diets include holding responsible certain hormones for gaining weight, claiming that body chemistry can be changed by food, publicizing and prohibition of a given food. Nevertheless, they possess a familiar feature, which is they offer a short-lived solution to what is an enduring chronic condition to many people. Lost weight is regained rapidly once the diet is terminated which implies that only water and precious muscle weight are lost. During weight gain, everything is gained as fat, simply because fad diets do not ensure that one is eating right (Insel et al., 2010).

AdvertisementEvidence for that includes a paper, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1985 by Dr. James C. Rosen of the University of Vermont, Dr. Ethan A. H. Sims, an emeritus professor there, and colleagues. In the study, some obese patients went on a low-carbohydrate diet and then a high-carbohydrate diet and others had the diets in the reverse order. The investigators wrote: ''the initial two weeks of dieting was associated with a decrease in appetite and elevation of psychological well-being, regardless of the composition of the diet.'' But, ''Thereafter, appetite and mood approached basal levels. Further changes in these psychological reactions to dieting did not vary with the type of diet.''But I suspect that few want to hear these snippets of real evidence. The testimonials are so much more compelling.''People are desperate,'' Dr. Hirsch said. And, he is tired of seeing the same useless remedies resurface every few decades only to fade away while the next diet fad preys on people's unawareness of what science has learned.''I call this alchemy,'' Dr. Hirsch said. ''It's making gold out of ignorance.''

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Fad diets are misleading and prey on ones vanity and common sense. Admittedly, the power advertisement can be overwhelming. All one has to do is switch on the television or read a magazine. The messages are conflicting. On one hand there is the ideal beauty standard and the other a host of delicious food and snack advertisements. The diet industries success should come as no surprise as they play both sides of the instant gratification fence. Furthermore, diet industries have gone so far as to publishing books in order to reach an even bigger audience. Moyad (2004) states that diet books are one of the highest selling books in this country alone. Perhaps the reason for this success is the fact that consumers are lead to believe that they can lose weight quickly in their own home at their own pace. By publishing recipes and methods, a consumer is allowed the freedom of choosing what type of low-carb or low-calorie meal they eat. This inevitably leads to an even greater unhealthy lifestyle regardless of which fad diet one chooses to follow. The lack of nutrition in which people are permitting themselves to have is overshadowed by all the products that are promoted in everyday life. Not only that, but consumers also consciously ignore the risks and threats that these diets contain.

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Well if you’ve been living under a rock for a long time and don’t know what fad diets are, then fad diets can be defined as an array of dieting methods used mainly for fast and temporary weight loss by using unrealistic and unsafe methods. Why are they bad for you and are not advised? All fad diets aren’t bad for your health, but most of them are. They are dangerous because they tell you to make major changes in your normal diet plan, which includes completely removing essential foods needed for your body like fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

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Being overweight can be a struggle. Overweight people tend to have less energy and that makes losing weight the proper way a daunting task. So it is no surprise that more and more people are taking drastic measures to lose weight. Fad diets are everywhere; some have even become household names. Atkins, South Beach, Sugar Busters, and The Zone are some of the most popular types of diets. People find these types of diets appealing because they promise quick weight loss but what advertisers fail to say there are no long-term benefits. Of those who lost weight on a fad diet, most if not all regain the weight within a couple of months. (Mann 2007). Any diet claiming to melt off more than two to three pounds a week should be seriously questioned. Losing weight quickly is usually due to water and lean muscle loss, which is not healthy. The extra weight took time to pile on and taking it off should too.

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Weight loss is much simpler than it seems, it can be summarized within a sentence “If you eat too much you gain weight, if you eat too less you lose weight, if you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly you stay healthy”. Some people just don’t get it; they think that by following fad diets or so-called new improved ways you can lose weight easy and fast. But the fact is that these fad diets create more problems than they solve. What is a fad diet?

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Another popular concept that accompanies the “fad diet” mentality is that exercise is not important. The idea of losing weight with little effort is appealing. The fact remains that exercise is the most vital component in losing weight and keeping it of long term. Managing ones weight through exercise is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of exercise. Along with exercise, and eating in moderation calorie intake can be significantly reduced (Mann 2007). Exercising regularly can help reduce the risks of many diseases and also improve mood and sleep. Furthermore, a diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce the chances of cancer (Daniels 2004). Fad diets rarely emphasize exercise because the magic solution, or main ingredient, is the diet itself. Advertisements featuring hot-bodied men and women, attributing their success to some miracle cure, are misleading and do not have any validity.

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The dangers of fad dieting are extremely important, nonetheless, they and are rarely of, therefore, consumers should educate themselves about diets. One of the reasons that the repercussion of fad diets are kept secret is, the diet industries would lose a significant amount of money and customers. Doctors and physicians warn patients about the dangers of what a risky type of diet can do to their bodies but they are ignored due to the obsession of losing weight in a short amount of time. Because of the lack of fiber and the intensification of fat, fad diets can lead to high levels of cholesterol (Daniels 2004). To some, this diet can even lead to death. In extreme cases, the obsession with losing weight can lead one to an eating disorder such as bulimia or over working oneself in exercise (O’Dea 2003). In order to raise awareness about the risks involved in fad diets, many have aimed their attention to women consumers, who make up the majority of diet partakers. Because the Adkins diet has been such a controversial diet for the past couple of years, many have begun realizing the damaging effects that this low-carbohydrate diet has but for some it is too late.