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The risk for maternal death (during pregnancy or childbirth) in sub-Saharan Africa is 175 times higher than in developed countries, and risk for pregnancy-related illnesses and negative consequences after birth is even higher. Poverty, maternal health, and outcomes for the child are all interconnected. Neonatal deaths in developing countries account for 98% of worldwide yearly neonatal deaths. That being said, poverty is detrimental to the health of both mother and child.

According to a report, "A woman's chance of dying or becoming disabled during pregnancy and childbirth is closely connected to her social and economic status, the norms and values of her culture, and the geographic remoteness of her home. Generally speaking, the poorer and more marginalized a woman is, the greater her risk of death. In fact, maternal mortality rates reflect disparities between wealthy and poor countries more than any other measure of health. A woman's lifetime risk of dying as a result of pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 39 in Sub-Saharan Africa, as compared to 1 in 4,700 in industrialized countries."

(UNFPA) estimated that 289,000 women died of pregnancy or childbirth related causes in 2013. These causes range from severe bleeding to obstructed labour, all of which have highly effective interventions. As women have gained access to family planning and skilled birth attendance with backup emergency obstetric care, the global maternal mortality ratio has fallen from 380 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in 1990 to 210 deals per 100,000 live births in 2013. This has resulted in many countries halving their maternal death rates.

Pros and cons of methods of childbirth. A window into the pregnant mind, Dignity, The Case for Midwives are the titles of 3 of the essays.

CAPPA believes that all women have the right to make informed decisions regarding their options throughout pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. CAPPA supports and encourages families to choose healthcare providers and the place of birth that most reflects and supports their values and needs. CAPPA trains professionals to provide unbiased education. The CAPPA Approach does not use guilt as a motivator but instead encourages families to make intuitive and informed decisions. CAPPA professionals have the opportunity and responsibility to help parents recognize their own values without imposing their own personal biases.

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Most of the women in the UK will have experienced at least one of the medical interventions described below. Indeed, of the 600,000 or so deliveries in the UK each year, it is estimated that less than half of these could be described as 'normal'. Routine interventions in childbirth include:

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Essays on Childbirth: The Why and How. 579. Why Birth Narrative Experiences are Told. The need to tell birth stories is almost as intense and imperative.

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Natural childbirth is where the mother does not receive any drugs to relieve pain or to aid the birthing process. Natural childbirth is considered to be the safest way for the baby to be born. It is healthier for the mom and baby. There is less chance of serious injury from iatrogenic trauma. You will have less chance of having a C-section. The mother has a much quicker healing time. If the mother plans on breastfeeding, she will have a much higher chance of a breastfeeding success and there is lower risk of all complications that can happen from regular birth interventions.

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A woman who chooses to have her baby through a natural birth usually goes through labor longer. They typically choose to refuse any medication that will speed up the labor process and in return they labor longer. A major drawback to natural childbirth is the pain but it has been known to be intoxicating. To deal with the pain, birthing mothers are taught techniques that help to aid in the pain process. They are taught the techniques of breathing, relaxation, and distraction to reduce the sensation of the pain.

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Essays on Childbirth: The Why and How. 579. Why Birth Narrative Experiences Narrative Essay On Child Birth are Told. The need to tell birth stories is almost Narrative Essay On Child Birth as intense and imperative.

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He also became a god of childbirth, frightening away all the evil spirits that could kill a newborn baby or young child. If problems arose during labour, a clay statue of Bes was often placed at the head of the expectant mother while spells were recited to the god, asking for his help. He was even depicted at royal birth scenes, especially in later times. He was linked with the hippopotamus goddess of childbirth, , as they were both very popular deities of childbirth. Until Greek times, she was regarded as his wife. Amulets of both Bes and were found even at Akhetaten, Akenaten's city. He could not banish these favourites - the Aten was no replacement for these two! the dwarf. Oh good dwarf, come, because of the one who sent you - for that is Pre, the one who stands upright while is sitting down, his feet on the bottom which embraces, his hand on the (roof-) beam. Come down, placenta, come down! I am Horus who conjures in order that she who is occupied with birthgiving becomes better than she was, as if she were (already) delivered. Sepertunes, wife of Horus, Nekhbet, the Nubian, the Eastern one, Unat, mistress of Unat: come to do what you can do! Look, will lay her hand on her with an amulet of health! I am Horus who saves her! -

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He was not a god of Egyptian origin. Bes was described as 'Coming from the Divine Land' and 'Lord of Punt' (perhaps an area in present day Somalia - see ). He was thus linked to the goddess who was known as the 'Lady of Punt' and also a goddess of music. During this period, he was given a wife, known as Beset - a female version of the dwarf god, presiding over protection, pleasure and childbirth. She was also a goddess of the harvest and a divine nurse. The two did were not depicted together before the Ptolemaic era, but during this period an Beset was occasionally shown holding an infant Bes while she offers her breast to nurse him. This iconography was used to connect these two deities with and her son Horus, or conflating them as -Beset and Horus-Bes.