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The chief defects of the seem to be these. First, Its rotation is inconvenient, by throwing men, of whatever abilities, by intervals, out of public employments. Secondly, Its Agrarian is impracticable. Men will soon learn the art, which was practised in ancient , of concealing their possessions under other people’s name; till at last, the abuse will become so common, that they will throw off even the appearance of restraint. Thirdly, The provides not a sufficient security for liberty, or the redress of grievances. The senate must propose, and the people consent; by which means, the senate have not only a negative upon the people, but, what is of much greater consequence, their negative goes before the votes of the people. Were the King’s negative of the same nature in the constitution, and could he prevent any bill from coming into parliament, he would be an absolute monarch. As his negative follows the votes of the houses, it is of little consequence: Such a difference is there in the manner of placing the same thing. When a popular bill has been debated in parliament, is brought to maturity, all its conveniencies and inconveniencies, weighed and balanced; if afterwards it be presented for the royal assent, few princes will venture to reject the unanimous desire of the people. But could the King crush a disagreeable bill in embryo (as was the case, for some time, in the parliament, by means of the lords of the articles), the government would have no balance, nor would grievances ever be redressed: And it is certain, that exorbitant power proceeds not, in any govern-

Every thing in the world is purchased by labour; and our passions are the only causes of labour. When a nation abounds in manufactures and mechanic arts, the proprietors of land, as well as the farmers, study agriculture as a science, and redouble their industry and attention. The superfluity, which arises from their labour, is not lost; but is exchanged with manufactures for those commodities, which men’s luxury now makes them covet. By this means, land furnishes a great deal more of the necessaries of life, than what suffices for those who cultivate it. In times of peace and tranquillity, this superfluity goes to the maintenance of manufacturers, and the improvers of liberal arts. But it is easy for the public to convert many of these manufacturers into soldiers, and maintain them by that superfluity, which arises from the labour of the farmers. Accordingly we find, that this is the case in all civilized governments. When the sovereign raises an army, what is the consequence? He imposes a tax. This tax obliges all the people to retrench what is least necessary to their subsistence. Those, who labour in such commodities, must either enlist in the troops, or turn themselves to agriculture, and thereby

The ASPCA supports efforts to raise awareness of animal abuse and neglect as significant crimes, and publicize the connection between animal cruelty and other forms of violence.

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Imagine that you are a circus animal, for over 20 years in your whole life was to travel all over country so people can watch you just so they can be entertained. That sounds like you would be some kind of popular artist that everyone was waiting to see every year, which might be good. But the real question is, How do they get to do all those tricks? Where they born with such talent? As we get to that point all those animals learn by being harmed, they start at a young age for which they are traumatized by the equipment they use to harm them and do as they say. For that animals deserve some rights and should be treated, not like its worth nothing but like as if they were one of us.
One that most of the people are familiar with are Circuses. A circus is a public entertainment that consist of many different performances that entertain the people. In a circus you are able to find animals like Bears,elephants,tigers,etc., and for that the animals are abused by their trainers. As a source says that mostly female elephants are used for circuses, which in their case they are more docile. And for that they train the animals to do some tricks and audience can be surprised. The animals do as what their trainer is saying them to do, for that they are afraid of the consequences that they might get if they don’t do as they told to do. They are trained harshly with: whips, tight collars, muzzles, electric prods, bull hook, etc., for that they don't deserve to be treated with such harmful instruments. Also all the animals are traveling from place to place in harsh weather in these box cars that are intended to do everything in there such as, eat, drink, sleep, and do their personal business. These animals should be treated in a more caring way since they are part of their little act, for that they show that they don't care on what conditions the animals are living on.
Animals need to have rights because they are living organism just as we are. A...

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While some people still claim that we do not know that other animals are sentient beings, countless animals continue to suffer in the most egregious ways as they are used and abused for research, , food, clothing and entertainment. And indeed, animal sentience is assumed in many comparative studies and recent legislation — such as policies protecting chimpanzees from invasive research, based on what is known about these amazing sentient beings. []

Animals possess the same kinds of feelings and emotions as human beings, and without anesthesia, they are subjected to pain as well. Cruelty means inflicting pain and causing suffering. Some forms of cruelty include: Intentional cruelty or abuse when a person knowingly deprives the basic necessities for survival or maliciously tortures, maims or kills and animal; Neglect, when a person fails to provide proper basic necessities; Dog fighting, a game when 2 dogs are specifically bred or conditioned to fight in a pit for gambling or entertainment purposes and Animal hoarding whereby the caregiver houses a large accumulation of animals and unable to provide basic necessities with deteriorating condition of the animal environment. (HSUS) View an Opinion Essay Animal Rights IELTS animal testing essay - IELTS buddy has model answers to to an essay that says "Discuss both opinions and then Opinion Essay Animal Rights Opinion Essay Animal Rights give your opinion" but it is