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... greatness. The absolutism in France is unquestionably embodied by Louis XIV, the king of France for 72 years and the ruling king for 54 years. He was 5 when he became king, but Cardinal Mazarin was the regent until he was 18. At this time Louis decided to rule the kingdom alone by divine right ...

[] is the theory that there are only relations between individual entities, and no intrinsic properties. Despite the similarity in name, it is held by some to be a position distinct from relativism—for instance, because "statements about relational properties [...] assert an absolute truth about things in the world". On the other hand, others wish to equate relativism, relationism and even , which is a precise theory of relationships between physical objects: Nevertheless, "This confluence of relativity theory with relativism became a strong contributing factor in the increasing prominence of relativism".

He had the Versailles palace built, he ruled absolutely, created a 300,000 man army, and also turned the people into following French culture. Some mistakes on his behalf was persecuting the Huguenots, who were Protestants, overspending on war and luxuries, as he later says on his death bed to his heir trying to convince his great grandson not to follow in what he did but later we figure out that his wishes were not completed, and trying to maintain a balance of power to lead to wars being unsuccessful (Doc...
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In his book , expresses a complex set of theories about the absolute and the relative. He thinks the absolute/relative distinction should be recast in terms of an invariant/variant distinction, where there are many things a proposition can be invariant with regard to or vary with. He thinks it is coherent for truth to be relative, and speculates that it might vary with time. He thinks necessity is an unobtainable notion, but can be approximated by robust invariance across a variety of conditions—although we can never identify a proposition that is invariant with regard to everything. Finally, he is not particularly warm to one of the most famous forms of relativism, , preferring an evolutionary account.

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, which forms the basis for many Buddhist schools and was founded by , discerns two levels of truth, absolute and relative. The states that there is or common-sense truth, which describes our daily experience of a concrete world, and truth, which describes the ultimate reality as , empty of concrete and inherent characteristics. The conventional truth may be interpreted as "obscurative truth" or "that which obscures the true nature" as a result. It is constituted by the appearances of mistaken awareness. Conventional truth would be the appearance that includes a duality of apprehender and apprehended, and objects perceived within that. Ultimate truths, are phenomena free from the duality of apprehender and apprehended.

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Absolutism or absolute monarchy is the form of government where the king possesses complete control of the government and people in his country; the king's word is law. Many factors lead to Absolute Monarchy in France, and the style of Absolute Monarchy under Louis XIV differed from traditional Absolute Monarchy.

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The political and cultural history of France from 1498 to 1661, that is, from Louis XII's accession to the throne to Louis XIV's personal assumption of power can be divided into three major phases. The first, up to the death of Henry II in 1559, looked to Italy as a land ripe for conquest and as an inspiration for France's own Renaissance. The second period (1562-1598) saw the region disturbed by eight civil wars--the Wars of Religion--as France struggled with the Protestant Reformation. The Reformation was both a theological dispute about the proper understanding, and practice of Christianity, and a political controversy about the legal status of the new Reformation churches. In France, the conflict took on a further political dimension when members of the high nobility attempted to take advantage of the chaos to extract power from the king. Factions tore each other apart. The weakened monarchy had to reconquer Paris (1594) and drive the Spanish from the kingdom (1597). Henry IV finally reestablished the monarch's legitimacy when he legally recognized French Protestants and gave them freedom of worship. Henry IV's conversion to Catholicism in 1594 inaugurated a new era and a new dynasty of French kings, the Bourbons. Through a governance as militaristic and absolutist as that of any predecessors, Henry censored writers and preachers in the name of public peace. Ironically, he would be assassinated in 1610, falling victim to the very violence and religious passions he sought to extinguish. During the half-century that followed, Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642) organized the royal government's reconquest of domestic control. The monarchy reinforced its monitoring of printing, totally restricting the emerging press. The French language itself became an object of government concern through the newly created Academie Francaise, a fitting example of Richelieu's overall program of state control over politics and culture. Once the last rebellion of the feudal nobility was suppressed, the framework and mechanisms of Absolute Monarchy were in place, needing only the arrival of Louis XIV to complete the scene.

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Louis XIV's style of absolutism differed from the traditional Absolute Monarchy. He was the most powerful person in his government, but some power still existed in his advisers, ministers, and the vast bureaucracy that he created. Louis XIV's brand of absolutism constructed an effective government bureaucracy in France. Louis's bureaucracy started with the division of France's government into committees, subcommittees of the councils, and bureaus run by various ministers and secretaries of state. Louis's government was actually run by many governments. To make sure that his government ran well, Louis XIV used intendants to watch over officials, report on their actions, and if necessary take over their posts. With this framework, Louis XIV was able to run France efficiently. The efficiency of France's tax collection system, which had a bureaucracy of tax collectors in twenty-six different districts, helped France gain economic stability.