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Bend it like Beckham portrays cultural identity as a source of both comfort and conflict. This is shown by a series of language and film techniques for example camera shots, soundtracks, clothing, celebrations and language use.

The tradition of ANZAC is paramount in Australian culture and history. It represents our national and cultural identity, and our society's values. The ANZAC spirit Australia's architectural identity | ArchitectureAU culture, and whether there is a worthwhile Australian cultural identity at all. I remember reading Bacon's essays at school, and one in particular on Annual Crossroads Short Essay Competition 2009 - University of White and Hsu Ming-Teo, Australian historians have a habit of seeing culture as of this essay, the revision of ethnic agency and its relation to national identity Migration, Culture and Identity | Victoria University | Melbourne Essay, Research-based essay on topics of contemporary migration issues and Evaluations of cultural identity in the personal narratives of a group The paper examines the cultural identity of a group of tertiary students of . maintenance of Italian cultural heritage in Australia have been defined as Ideational. Friday essay: the arts and our still-born national identity culture and making our own way in the world. What's happened to Does Australia'get' culture? - The Conversation involve the assertion of a separate linguistic identity, as with Israel, . This is a foundation essay for The Conversation's new Arts + Culture section. Identity and Culture (SOCA3230) / Course / The University of demonstrate skills in writing an academic essay, in reading critically and in doing Whitefella Jump Up | Correspondence: Marcia - Quarterly Essay is . The impetus for Australians to value Aboriginal culture might arise from a

Judith Wright mainly wrote her poetry about the environment. When World War 2 started Wright's father asked her to come back home to help. This was a turning point in her writing career. She had listened to many of the stories that the old workers on her father's farm told. Wright learned of how the Aboriginal people were treated and how their land was stolen and traditions destroyed. She was able to sympathise with the Aboriginal people because of the fear that she felt with the onset of World War Two. Judith kept on writing and produced many works that portrayed the Australian landscape, culture and history. Thus providing a representation of the Australian Identity.

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Another example is the proceedings in town when a dance with the women of the town is sold to the highest bidder. It conveys the idea that women are items that can be bought. This strong use of symbolism reinforces the cultural belief that women are inferior. Another example is the second time Lady Ashley enters the bar, the bartender again states “no women”. The use of repetition reiterates this representation. Eventually, she is granted a drink, however she is only permitted it due to her incredible trek across the “Never-never”. This represents that women have to prove themselves to be worthy to society, whilst men are just accepted. Luhrmann constantly reiterates this belief throughout the film in different examples to identify the problems seen in a pre-feministic world. He displays these problems through his representation of the cultural belief that women are inferior to men. This cultural identity is normalized through the use filmic techniques including symbolism and dialogue.

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There has been rich discussion on the Australianess of an Australian Architecture and many people have become confused into thinking that a prerequisite for Australian architecture is a galvanised iron roof with verandahs. This may be one direction of an Australian architecture. It is certainly the most obvious one. However, I agree with Patrick White in his novel Voss when he says that “to know oneself, it sometimes becomes necessary to lose oneself.” This can be taken both in a physical and metaphysical sense and perhaps is the climate in which Australian architecture is finding itself. Australian architecture is today more mature and multidirectional in its philosophical pursuits and, in the good examples, retains its cultural and national identity.

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Australian Aborigines are thought to have the longest continuous cultural history in the world. Yet, within a hundred years, the near extinction of the Aboriginal culture almost occurred. This single event, the invasion of the Australian continent by European settlers, changed the lifestyle, the culture, and the fate of Australian Aborigines. Their entire lives were essentially taken away and they were forced into a white, European world where the lifestyle change could not have been any different. Aborigines in Australia today are struggling to deal with a past in which they lost touch with their culture and now are trying to regain some of that cultural identity.

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Through the use of dialogue Luhrmann has encouraged Australia to be viewed as a typical Wild West nation. This is because, as seen in the Wild West, a big business owner (King Carney) has the power of the town. It is even more stereotypical that he is a cattle baron, with baron having the connotations of power and greed. It is through these filmic techniques that Luhrmann has normalized the cultural belief that Australia is a mysterious and typical Wild West nation in his representations of cultural identity.

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Race is evidently an important aspect in our Australian society today. It is personified in the biological makeup of an individual. Individuals of different racial background differ in physical appearance such as skin color, and facial features making DNA and genes the only cause behind these dissimilarities. Many races have been introduced into this nation since decades and slowly have been recognized such as the Caucasian race and the Asian race. Ethnicity while slightly related to race is based upon a person's cultural and social expression within an ethnic group; this entails for instance that although one may be of a Caucasian descent born and raised in Australia they also may acquire an ethnic background from Greece and follow the Greek traditions and customs thus making them of Australian-Greek nationality. This paper will recount the different races which exist in Australia as well as some popular ethnic backgrounds which this country has become familiar with whilst narrating and analyzing a number of issues facing ethnicity and race in our society today. The first issue facing ethnicity is the fact which promptly makes individuals assume that other persons of an ethnic descent are liable for criminal omissions. It is often simple for people to identify ethnic members when a crime is involved as it is much easier to classify these individuals due to their distinct physical appearance. Conflict is a natural phase during times of change, however the next issue points out that it can become violent when that particular change is not managed properly and in a just way; such as inequality of the distribution of power which could lead different sections of society against each other and form their own ethnic groups to compete for power in retaliation. Therefore conflict is likely to occur when communication between ethnic, religious or cultural groups deteriorates or breaks down resulting in more conflict and problematic situations. The third issue causing a stir in today's society is racism or racial discrimination. It is evident that immigrants have been disadvantaged in the work force as well as social welfare simply because of their racial background; the law has developed remarkably over time to protect individuals against racism of any kind. This report will set the main argument of why this has become an integral part for our society with respect to social analysis.