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biological differences in cognition between men and women, Doreen Kimura suggests that the social differences between genders arose out of biological necessity (Kimura 46). Even so, it is difficult to argue that social factors do play a large part in gender in society today. A closer look at both biological and social perspectives will reveal more about the processes that determine gender roles. Merriam-Webster provides two definitions for the meaning of gender. The first is simply that gender is a synonym…

For instance, Marianne Legaton argued that at younger ages and throughout the lifespan, men are more likely to develop disorders, and die violently than women (Legaton). These vulnerabilities were documented with case studies and supported by research focused exclusively on gender differences. Also, Legaton noted that there are “poorly understood — and underappreciated — vulnerabilities inherent in men's genetic and hormonal makeup” (Legaton). This suggests that there are still more opportunities to learn more about the differences between men and women in terms of weakness and strength. Nonetheless, it is clear that men are subject to trials that extend much further than just hormones and pain thresholds; moreover, this further exemplifies the issues with characterizing women as a weaker sex in society.

Kim Addonizio’s poem titled What do Women Want? reflects how women’s roles in society were about wanting to be taken care of. However, these gender stereotypes deserve inquiry because their merit can be tested against the tools of science. For instance, thresholds of pain and biological differences between men and women can show whether the societal stereotypes of weakness are true or merely socially constructed. While , they endure more of it on a regular basis; consequently, gender stereotypes and notions that men are inherently stronger than women are false.

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Writing about media interface presentations and their relation to larger cultural trends is tricky. Different elements are constantly added, changed or removed, new services are frequently developed and released to public use, and new technologies capture the imaginations of many. Within this flux, what can we say about social photography in particular and contemporary image productions in general, that is not confined to the characteristics of one platform or another? Can we identify overarching processes that cross platforms and are destined to change the way we interact with images?

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By the late nineteenth, early twentieth centuries, serious challenges to accepted beliefs about gender were mounted in both Japan and China. Although concerns about women’s position had been expressed earlier, the concept of women’s liberation became a major motivating force within the era’s nationalist, reform, and revolution movements. Male nationalists initiated the discussion by arguing that an improvement in the status of women was essential to their country’s acceptance by other technologically advanced nations. A core of educated women in both Japan and China joined the call by speaking and writing in public for the first time. Conservative nationalists and traditionalists in Japan and China at different times reacted by mounting long campaigns against any change in gender roles. Ultimately female activists were labeled unseemly, unfeminine, and too western.

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IELTS sample band 9 essay: Sample essays about gender equality. How would you answer? Opinion first in the introduction or conclusion? Read this IELTS sample essay to find out.

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Males and females also differ in the way they communicate. Females are said to be more open. They tend to disclose about themselves and more intimately than males do. Females also tend to communicate more gently, affectionately and with confidence. Though people say that this is a stereotype, it can be generalized that females communicate more than males. This is on average because some men actually communicate more than women. Since communication in the different genders differs this also affects their socialization and the way they relate to their peers. When growing up boys tend to play or walk around in groups. In such groups there sometimes happens to be a 'group leader' though not out rightly said. Such a 'leader' in most cases happens to be the one who is a prowess in some kinds of games they play or in whatever activities they partake in or he may be the brightest in class. On the hand girls develop close knit friendships of about two or three or more but not as many as boys do. Hence, for females their relationships are much closer than for males because they talk more about themselves including their weaknesses.

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Males avoid talking about their weaknesses and their vulnerabilities. Some psychologists attribute this to their aggressive nature. Males are very competitive in nature even in their relationships so they consider it even a weakness to express their emotions. This is the reason why most males do not develop close relationships with males. In fact men really avoid talking face to face or eye contact. Males also do not indulge in physical contact besides a handshake or a pat in the back because in most cases they associate physical contact with sexual desires. Females also have different communication styles from males. Most females avoid confrontations and arguments and are generally inclined to agree while men most likely to dispute many issues. This is because they also want to prove themselves right. Men are also said to be more talkative when in public than in private. The opposite is true for women; they are more talkative in private than when in public.

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Due to men and women’s differences in communication, Tannen expresses her idea of gender differences and the affect on the communication patterns. When interpreting meaning, men and women often pick up signals, signals that were not intentionally sent out. Due to women and men seeing different assumptions: “It is difficult to straighten out such misunderstandings because each one feels convinced of the logic of his or her position and the illogic-or irresponsibly- of the other’s” (357). Tannen considers relationships between two people should know one another well enough to having to interpret communication when needed. The misinterpretation of two people talking puts blame, accusation, and allegation on the other, which builds up their own strength, strong point and assumptions. Tannen makes precise statements about men and women’s approaches on communication styles of different matters. The misunderstanding which leads two people to argue makes them interpret communication styles differently.