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• Slave revolts included those by Gabriel Prosser (Richmond, 1800), Denmark Vesey (Charleston,

Brown studied the slave uprisings of Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey and others as he painstakingly plotted the Harper's Ferry revolt. The plan was to capture Harper's Ferry, a strategically located town in Virginia, and use the huge arsenal there to arm the many slaves who lived in the area.

Gabriel Prosser (ca. 1775-1800) was the African American slave leader of an unsuccessful revolt in Richmond, Va., during the summer of 1800.

As the growing demand for cotton brought more slaves directly from Africa to Virginia, fugitive laws were tightened in order to deter and punish escaped slaves. The concomitant existence of free blacks further destabilized the social hierarchy. Furthermore, growing literacy and knowledge of the ideas that informed the American Revolution made Virginia a restive place at the turn of the nineteenth century. Ideas of democracy and freedom spread among many black urban artisans. They sought the abolition of slavery, freedom of movement, and better wages. These streams of resistance, American civic nationalism, and an emerging African American lower-middle class converged in Gabriel Prosser. He was a slave blacksmith seeking freedom by the only means he deemed plausible: violence against the merchants who oppressed laborers and the institutions of government that disenfranchised his people.

• Slave revolts included those by Gabriel Prosser (Richmond, 1800), Denmark Vesey ..

Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner are people whose effectiveness is difficult to judge. Responding to a question about the effectiveness of these people necessary to answer the question as to how effective the death? Whether their deaths on the gallows or the deaths of their supporters were effective? Whether the deaths of those white people who were killed during the uprisings were effective? Certainly activity of Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey and Nat coach influenced the process of liberation of black people from slavery, but the cost was high. Was it a positive or negative influence? When socially immature largely uneducated group of people, it does not matter black or white, takes up arms, it is always scary, not effective and leads to tragic consequences whatever good purpose they pursued. The reaction of the white men to the armed uprising was so obvious and the rebels who feared retaliation for earlier prepared their line of retreat. It is therefore absolutely safe to say that violent methods are not effective to achieve something. This will become obvious when humanity finally realizes the price of human life.

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Although most are familiar with Nat Turner, ToussaintLouverture, Denmark Vesey and Gabriel Prosser, perhaps the largest slave revolt ever in the United States goes relatively untold in the annals of history — the 1811 Louisiana Slave Revolt.

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... States of America. The vast majority worked as plantation slaves in the production of cotton, sugar, and tobacco. Very few of these enslaved people were African born principally because the importation of enslaved Africans to the United States officially ended in 1808, although thousands were smuggled into the nation illegally in the 50 years following the ban on the international trade. These enslaved people were the descendants of 12 to 13 million African forbearers ripped from their homes and forcibly transported to the Americas in a massive slave trade dating from the 1400s. Most of these people, if they survived the brutal passages from Africa, ended up in the Caribbean (West Indies) or in South and Central America. Brazil alone imported around five million enslaved Africans. This forced migration is known today as the African Diaspora, and it is one of the worst tragedies in American history. Slavery Timeline in America In 1615- 1619 the first African slaves arrive in Virginia. 1620- 1785, 1787 Slavery is made illegal in the Northwest Territory. The U.S Constitution states that Congress may not ban the slave trade until 1808. 1790- 1793 Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin greatly increases the demand for slave labor. In 1793 A federal fugitive slaves law is enacted, providing for the return slaves who had escaped and crossed state lines. 1795, 1800, 1800 Gabriel Prosser, an enslaved African American blacksmith, organizes a slave revolt intending to march on...

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Gabriel Prosser had a plan for revolt involving hundreds of slaves in Virginia, set to transpire at a specific date, and it was betrayed by disloyal (or shall we say, loyal?) slaves for their pittance rewards. Governor James Monroe called out the Virginia militia to suppress the nascent revolt and Prosser was quickly hanged.

Slave Revolts-Harriet Tubman, Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, and Nat Turner

For these reasons, revolutionaries such as Gabriel Prosser, DenmarkVesey, and Nat Turner are difficult figures to address with anymeasure of scholarly detachment. Any historian seeking to recapturethe life of such figures cannot help but think of the receptionawaiting Styron who, we should keep in mind, was not even claiming tobe writing an accurate history of his subject. Certainly DouglasEgerton’s biography reflects a tension between thehistorian’s responsibility to dissect mythologies and thesocially-conscious individual’s desire to respect AfricanAmerican heroes who challenged slavery at its core.The black liberation movement of the 1960s had its origins in a long history of struggle and resistance. That resistance began when the first African was kidnapped and brought to the Americas. Ever since African Americans were first captured and enslaved, there has been an freedom struggle. African American slave revolts and rebellions began on the slave ships. They continued throughout the Southern United States, the Caribbean, and South America. We provide links to research some of the more prominent slave rebellions including those led by Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser, Henry Highland Garnett, the Seminoles, and more. Denmark Vesey's plan was to seize the seaport of Charleston, South Carolina, and use it as a base to set up an independent Black republic across the state of South Carolina. He saw the newly independent nation of Haiti as an example for African Americans in the US South. In fact, he planned to help defend the newly formed nation with the help of Haitian troops from the newly formed independent black nation. Explore some of the resources below. Research oinks on African American Slave Revolts and Rebellions...Gabriel Prosser 1 Gabriel Prosser Part of a series of articles on... 1712 New York Slave Revolt (New York City, Suppressed) 1733 St. John Slave Revolt (Saint John, Suppressed) 1739 Stono Rebellion (South Carolina, Suppressed) 1741 New York Conspiracy (New York City, Suppressed) 1760 Tacky's War (Jamaica, Suppressed) 1791–1804 Haitian Revolution (Saint-Domingue, Victorious) 1800 Gabriel Prosser (Virginia, Suppressed) 1805 Chatham Manor (Virginia, Suppressed) 1811 German Coast Uprising (Territory of Orleans, Suppressed) 1815 George Boxley (Virginia, Suppressed) 1822 Denmark Vesey (South Carolina, Suppressed) 1831 Nat Turner's rebellion (Virginia, Suppressed) 1831–1832 Baptist War (Jamaica, Suppressed) 1839 Amistad, ship rebellion (Off the Cuban coast, Victorious) 1841 Creole, ship rebellion (Off the Southern U.S. coast, Victorious) 1842 Slave Revolt in the Cherokee Nation (Southern U.S., Suppressed) 1859 John Brown's Raid (Virginia, Suppressed) Gabriel (1776 – October 10, 1800), today commonly – if incorrectly – known as Gabriel Prosser, was a literate enslaved blacksmith who planned a large slave rebellion in the Richmond area in the summer of 1800. Information regarding the revolt was leaked prior to its execution, and he and twenty-five followers were taken captive and hanged in punishment. In reaction, Virginia and other state legislatures passed restrictions on free blacks, as well as prohibiting the education, assembly...