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I definitely cannot imagine my life being as independent as it is today without all the tools mentioned in this essay. As the daylight brings a new beginning to people, these tools have brought a new revelation to the blind people in terms of independence and self sufficiency in today’s fast moving world.

This essay links several remarkable people, with Lieber introducing the deaf-blind, or as he terms them, ‘blind-surds’, into his discussion, Laura Bridgeman, Oliver Caswell, and James Mitchell among others (p.9).

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In 1786, Valentin Haüy presented to King Louis XVI of France the first book embossed in raised letters of the alphabet made especially for blind people to read. Titled An Essay on the Education of the Blind, the book was printed by students of Haüy’s school and dedicated to the King. It was presented as part of an exhibition to promote the education of blind people and the National Institute of Blind Youth and to garner support from “Louis the Beneficent.”

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