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MY DAILY ROUTINE Bozhidar Madzharov A lot of people have different daily routines , but I think that is one of the most exciting daily routines . So I get up at six o’clock early in the morning , because I have a lot of things to do during my day . First I have a cold shower , because I am sill sleepy when I get up , then I eat and watch my favourite morning show with Slavi Trifanov . At half past nine I go to the gym and practise my muscles hard . At half past twelve I go back to home and have a shower again . At half past one I go to the parachute jumping base . At three o’clock we are in the sky and do our first jump for the day . When we finish with the parachute jumps . At four o’clock I go to my bunjy jumping base , because I have some students who want to learn how to bunjy jump . When I finish my work at half past six , I go home and call my girlfriend tell her that I love her . Then I have dinner and watch television . At ten o’clock I go to bed . Now I am ready for my daily routine again , because I like my job and my life.

MY DAILY ROUTINE Anton Morozov Every person on the planet has his own life and obligations. Some of them have a difficult life and other an easy one, but that depends on the jobs they have. Mine is very complicated and I have free time “Once in a blue moon“, but when I have some free time I write poems like this one. Now I will start to write about my daily routine. My day starts as an ordinary morning. I tidy my bed, brush my teeth, take a shower, have breakfast bla bla ... The breakfast is the best time to communicate with your parents. When we sit down we start talking about our dreams and about whether, that dream is a message from the future. After we share our thoughts every one of us goes to work (except me). I sit down and start doing my homework. After two hours practicing my lessons I start phoning all my buddies. At one p.m I go to school where I study so hard, that when I come back from there I feel dizzy. At school I am very serious (well, sometimes to be honest) and I am concentrated on my work. After a day of hard work at school I go home and relax. When my head calms down me and my family sit down for dinner and share our daily work and experience throughout the day. At half past eight I turn on the TV and watch “Big Brother”. My favorite person is Naiden but that is not important. At eleven o’clock I go to bed and start dreaming about my next day and pray to be alive. As I said before, every man has his own life, but some of them dream of it. I dream of a world full of peace and no war. I wish that my days are happy and lovely. Do not worry about the past; pray that you will be alive tomorrow.

...My Daily Diet Intake Melody Myers SCI 220 May 30, 2011 University of Phoenix Instructor: Ms. Deborah Mattheus My Daily Diet Intake As an American or living in America, this is not the healthiest country. Whenever a new decision is made to start a healthier lifestyle there some things to consider when achieving that; there are three points of a healthy life. First, always give the body the necessary energy; it needs to remain strong so the foods consumed can fight many illnesses. Second, we need to be physically active with a daily workout routine helps with energy and becoming healthier. Third, have a life that is as stress free as possible. A good state of mind allows good decisions to be made when it comes to careers, family, lifestyle, and health. To reduce the stress and starting on a healthier path, I must have good time management skills is the key. Planning the day, prioritizing the schedule, and taking time to complete the task and knowing how to take a break is important. Before I began my healthy lifestyle, I could consume at least large meals...

I am quite punctual in doing every item of my daily life. Hence, I am never idle and not a single minute is wasted.

During the holidays I do not go to school. I study at home and make up my weakness. Sometimes, I go on picnics with my friends. Sometimes I play indoor games. Sometimes I read some books from my class library. In the hot season, I go to school in the morning. During this time, I change my daily routine of life.

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There is a slight change in the routine on Sunday which is a holiday. I engage myself in washing the uniform dresses of school. I also visit a movie or theatre. I spend the Sundays in a different way than on the other days. This is all about my daily life as a student.

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What is the best daily routine? Here's an example of how to be productive, My Daily Routine (An Example of How to Find WorkLife Balance) 13.

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...Physics in Daily Life Through out my daily life activities physics is involved with every aspect. Even while I sleep physics is at work. So lets begin with sleep. Sleeping is usually what I am doing when the sun rises and the day begins. There are a lot of physics concepts in which take place during my sleeping period, but I will touch on one that is common in every activity…. gravity. As I lay in the bed I am causing the atoms of pillow top and springs underneath to bend. I am putting pressure on the bed itself because I have weight, which is due to gravity. The force of gravity is what keeps me from floating away as I sleep or do anything else. Gravity is probably one of the most important concepts in physics. One of the next things I do is next after waking up is eating breakfast. There is a lot of physics going on in this activity as well but I chose to discuss one of the more complex terms that takes place during eating. The conversion of food to energy is also a part of physics. My body digests the food and in the process pulls the energy from it either to keep me warm or fuel my body to do work. It probably sounds more chemical physical, but gravity pulls the food down which contains potential chemical energy, and in the end that energy allows me to do work or just store it. Also with eating I could mention the act of chewing it. Another activity that I take part in is driving a car. The lists of things that take place that involve physics while driving a...

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Tell a story about you: Be specific. Take your belief out of the ether and ground it in the events that have shaped your core values. Consider moments when belief was formed or tested or changed. Think of your own experience, work, and family, and tell of the things you know that no one else does. Your story need not be heart-warming or gut-wrenching—it can even be funny—but it should be real. Make sure your story ties to the essence of your daily life philosophy and the shaping of your beliefs.

Writing A Composition: My Daily Life/My Daily Routine My Daily Life/My Daily Routine I am a student of class 5. My days are almost alike except holidays. I

Sample thesis statement for contrast paper: In terms of social networking sites, Facebook focuses on presenting your daily life to others, whereas MySpace allows you to focus more on demonstrating your personal style.