Inclusive Education in Australia Essay

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Inclusive Education in Australia Essay. their ability to support students in inclusive settings and to adapt classroom materials and procedures to accommodate their.

This essay will demonstrate theknowledge and evaluation of diversity within inclusive education in previous andcurrent Australian system. It will then identify the trends and changes as such withthe knowledge of national and state legislative, administrative and organisationalpolicies and practices. Lastly, it will evaluate the effectiveness of current inclusivepractice and contrast various aspects of diverse classroom population orientations,contexts and issues.

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Word Length: Assessment task: You are to create an essay which makes recommendations for a more inclusive approach to education in Australia.You are to write the essay in the form of a paper to a senior education officer – this may be the Minister for Education.In your paper you should:CriteriaReferences: Please any of these readings for references

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This essay will look at places where social interactions happen Inclusive Education in Australia ..

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