Basketball is my favorite sport

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Another favorite reason is the presence of basketball star players. The most valuable basketball players are the inspirations to the audiences and future players of the game. Most basketball stars are the main promoters of their brand, which allow enthusiasts to further draw their attention to the sport and follow the star’s activities. Basketball game is responsible for generating future players because they are inspired to commit themselves into the sports. This is because they will surely follow their favorite players which will transform them as the future of basketball. Some basketball stars become endorsers of well-known brands around the world, which further increase their popularity. Product endorsements silently promote the original profession of basketball stars because they already established themselves as household names in the field of that particular sport.

Everyone who plays basketball knows it’s more than just a sport, more than just a hobby and more than just a passion that people have. All types of people enjoy the game because of how it makes them feel and the joy associated with playing. Bleeding, sweating and getting hurt are just the little things that someone learns while playing the game. The philosophy and emotions associated with the game makes it my favorite past time. The qualities and lessons learned while on the court have helped me understand many individuals and their struggles and gains.

My dad taught basketball, my favorite sport, to me. He was my first and most influential coach. Almost every day and for sure at least once a week he would talk to me about basketball. Even if we didn’t go outside to shoot hoops he would talk to me about the game and quiz me on what I should do in certain scenarios during the game. These were my favorite times when I was little. I would always want to talk to my dad about basketball, and learned all I know now about basketball from him and those talks. I am never too old to hear from him and talk about basketball for hours. Every winter, from 4th grade to my senior year, I would step out on the basketball court ready to give it everything I had to get better. I can still remember our coach putting the team through running drills hour upon hour to improve the shape we were in; all the other kids except my best friend and me would always complain about how they were tired and how they hated running, but my friend and I just loved bettering ourselves through conditioning and could never get enough. Through the years of the “pee wee” basketball days, game days, to me really weren’t that special but all that was about to change as the years went on. My toughest years in basketball came in Jr. High, since I came from a small school there weren’t very many kids that played.

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1981 was the first year of both team’s existence, and Simon and I watched each battle between the two with a connoisseur’s delight. It was, we told each other, like having free front row seats at Celtics-Lakers games. Though our natural instinct to root for the underdog made us favor the Hostages, the Rude Boys were dazzling in their skills, throwing the disc upside down and at sharp angles with great accuracy, and as a whole were better sportsmen than the prickly Hostages. They traded games through the season but at the Sectional finals the Rude Boys won handily and, going into Regionals, they seemed so strong and well-prepared that they were almost prohibitive favorites. Only one team would emerge from Regionals to go on to Nationals that year, and Simon and I were pretty certain that would be the Rude Boys, a feeling the Rude Boys themselves obviously shared as they had already bought their plane tickets. Harvard had been eliminated before Regionals, and so, for the first time that year, we wouldn’t get to see the two teams clash. We considered driving out to Amherst to watch the game, but figured, with the Rude Boys peaking, it might be lopsided and not worth it. Later we’d wish we’d made the trip.

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From the moment the full-scholarship papers are signed, each participant’s role is very clear: Schools accept the responsibility of the student’s tuition, meal plan, and boarding, while the athlete is provided with the opportunity to earn a degree, engage in college life and play their favorite sport in a well-organized, and often high profile fashion. The document signed by each student-athlete describes this agreement in an unmistakable manner. Although wordy and at times complex – a necessity due to the nature of the agreement – there’s no vagueness in the general arrangement or a hidden agenda from either party (10). A failure to honor the basic premise of any such contract would cause all forms of business – big or small – to crumble. If for some reason the university could be held liable for entrapment or some other form of dishonesty, then their athlete’s argument would stand on firmer ground. But frankly, the details of this agreement are well known by all involved, and rather strangely, no one seems to mind when signing them.

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I love to watch and play the game, basketball is a very entertaining sport and can be played by anyone. Basketball is my favorite sport of alltime.

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Basketball is my favorite sport.
I started to play Basketball two years ago. On my first day I was excited, but I didn’t know anything about this sport, but my coach welcame me and he explained me the rules of basketball. When I started I was very weak but eventually I become stronger and I become the leader of my team. I like watching basketball also on tv, especially the American basketball teams, because I think they are the best basketball players in the world. My favourite American player is Michael Jordan, who doesn’t play anymore and Lebron James who plays in Miami Hills My coach is called Sergio Donadoni. When he was1 young he played in a local team. He is severe but he is funny too. He gets angry when we don’t score any points because he says that it is very important. When we practice he make us do a lot of exercises: we run, we do sit-ups and etc. Three times a week I play basketball in the High School gym. We start at half past five and we finish at half past seven. The gym is near my house, sometimes4 I go on foot or by bike. My team is called Angels, and we are all fifteen years old. Where we play also a girls team practices but I think that our team is better than the girls team because girls play badly. When I grow older I want to play in this team, like my coach and become a famous basketball player because I love this sport. Next month we are going to go to Porto San Giorgio for five days, for a tournament, and we are determined to be the winners..

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My favorite player to watch is Kobe Bryant. He makes basketball seem as a mere game for little kids. He is an all around athlete is still going strong at 30 years old. He is a big role model to many kids who enjoy playing this sport. Kobe can do anything he is a very versatile player and could get anywhere around the court in a blink of an eye. Bryant is the definition of all-around in my book. He knows how to play both sides of the game offense and defense. I look at Kobe Bryant as the ultimate weapon. I want to play like him as I continue to get better and better every time I play basketball. Kobe makes the game much more enjoyable to watch because of his acrobatic shots and stunning defense. Basketball is my favorite sport of all-time. There are just endless possibilities when it comes to the thought of basketball.

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To many, basketball is a very fun, exciting and thrilling sport. Some people love playing it, watching it and even dreaming about it. But not everybody enjoys writing about this game. If you don't know what "dribble" or "slam-dunk" means then you are one of those people who never got interested in the game or didn't get the opportunity to see it. This leaves you clueless about the game. Although you might be able to understand the basics of basketball such as that the player scores when he or she throws the ball inside the basket, but the rules and basketball terminologies might be confusing for you.

Writing a basketball essay isn't complicated given that you have the right information and material to work with. So where do you start? First you can choose the right subtopic that suits your paper, basketball has a wide range of options such as the rules of basketball, the importance of basketball, why basketball is/isn't your favorite sport, etc.. Below we have a list of basketball related ideas to help you select the right topic for your writing assignment.