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Learn expressions to use in your discussion essay for IELTS writing task 2 with this video lesson

Hello in this lesson I’m going to look at some expressions that you can use for a discussion essay for IELTS writing task 2. Now when you have a discussion essay you have to support two different sides and this is not about your opinion this is about what other people think, other people’s opinion and you have to support what they think. so here are some very useful expressions to help you show other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Basically whenever I start any opinion essay using one of the expressions mentioned above. And also some times for each paragraph I use “on the other hand” for the second paragraph opening sentences for opinion essay.

Yes, all expressions are suitable for GT writing task 2. All tips and lessons are for both. The only difference between GT and academic writing is that the GT essay question is often slightly easier but the method of writing the essay is the same.

04/12/2006 · hey i've seen the post for good expressions to use in french essays, but does anyone have any for spanish essays? thanks :)

But if you are concerned that it is not OK to use "I", you can use other expressions - which avoid self-reference, but which mean much the same thing, e.g. This essay will argue that ... Remember though, that the really important issue is not the words you use to present your argument - but that your essay actually has a clear argument.

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Look at the examples of making claims in essays from Sketch Engine. Try to distinguish between "it can be argued/claimed/suggested" and "it should be noted/remembered". Choose the correct expression.

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Learn expressions to use in your discussion essay for IELTS writing task 2 with this video lesson. It is important to use a variety of language to express both sides in your essay. Being able to have flexible language for giving other people’s opinions is a good way to increase your vocabulary band score.

A classic format for compositions is the five-paragraph essay