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However changing demographics of the Japanese diet have resulted in serious concerns about the survival of washoku. Many ask who will eat those kinds of foods if meat and Western foods become ever more popular. In addition the diminishing of fish populations across the world has raised alarm as Japan’s traditional food source becomes ever more scarce. Yet cuisine as a whole adapts to each situation and the case of Japan is no different. Eating patterns will inevitably have to change but that is not necessarily a bad thing. New dishes and mixtures can be created but washoku will remain an integral and intangible part of Japan’s cultural heritage.

Food offers a means for powerful imagery in adult literature as well. Visual images in the works of such authors as Katherine Anne Porter and Margaret Atwood are often used to increase the realism in their writing. Details about food in such collections as Porter's (1935) create a powerful sense of richness and convey the indefinability of human experience, representing an external and physical manifestation of human complexity. Likewise, food and drink play an important role in drama, especially on stage. In his essay on Sam Shepard's work, Charles G. Whiting notes that the playwright often makes eating and drinking an important and significant activity, something that is not only used to achieve realism but also to accentuate the action on stage. Whiting notes that Shepard's staging in particular uses food to create spectacle as well as visionary mythic imagery. In the same way, food is used in poetry as a sensual and sensory object. Specifically focusing on the role of fruit in poetry, Carol E. Dietrich notes that it often represents nature, offering the poet an objective symbol of the presence of God. Among fiction writers, Ernest Hemingway was noteworthy in his ability to create a particular mood though his fictional accounts of food. Hemingway often had his expatriate characters eat native foods, allowing them emotional access to the world they were inhabiting.

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To conclude, societies all over the world are falling prey to the fast food culture. This has several negative implications. It is high time the government and the media created awareness about this growing menace.

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I have learned so much from your site.
I live in Mexico, so obviously tortillas are a big part of my family’s diet. I find it really sad that a traditional food such as this has been so corrupted by industrial processes. I live in the country, so by carefully questioning people around here about whether or not they save seed from year to year I was finally able to find non-GMO corn. (It’s blue!). I have bought a hand grain mill and plan to make my own tortillas from now on. I do have a question that I hope you can help me with. I have read about soaking grains in an acidic solution to make them healthier and easier to digest. Here, however, corn is traditionally soaked with lime (or nixtamalized). Lime is alkaline, so I was wondering if it would still have the same beneficial effects.
I also have one other question. I am in the process of finding access to pasture raised meat (beef and chicken), but in the meantime is it best to stick to a vegetarian diet rather than consume conventional meats?
I would appreciate any input you might have.
Thank you so much for helping me nourish my family – I am loving you Get Cultured course!

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• Consider your subject area of study. Your topic should address a specific issue studied from your subject perspective. It is necessary to know the subject area thoroughly enough to ascertain whether a particular topic would fall within the area or not. For example; if the essay has been assigned with the purpose of bringing the wrong kind of food habits, of new generation children, to light, there is no point in writing a generalized essay about the after effects of poor eating habits. When you have been asked to address a specific issue, make sure that you do exactly as said, if you wish to secure good grades for your food essay.


Food and its related concerns with feminine identity and domesticity have been given a central place in many works of women's literature. For example, authors such as Margaret Atwood have used food and eating disorders to address issues of gender, language, and sexual politics, as well as social dislocation. In her essay on (1969), Tracy Brain notes that in this novel Atwood uses anorexia to explore women's strategies to develop alternative languages. For feminists, the kitchen has symbolized the marginalization of women. In contrast, however, many Hispanic women writers have used the domesticity of women, as symbolized by the kitchen, as a vehicle for their creativity and for promoting female solidarity. In her essay on (1989; Janice Jaffe examines Laura Esquivel's novel from this perspective, noting that in contrast to the view that considers women's confinement to the kitchen restricting, Esquivel has reclaimed the kitchen in her novel, affirming it as a woman's domain.

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International fast foods, like MacDonald and KFC, have spread all over the world. There are some reasonable factors triggering this phenomenon although many people in different countries worry about its negative effects on families and social culture. I think there should not be to much unnecessary concern on this matter.

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Undeniable, these imported food patterns have their own drawbacks. Many of them are fried meats or cheese and lack of vegetables. It is not a nutritional balanced diet and obesity has become common among teenagers. Furthermore, the attractive dining style means cultural input. As a result some countries traditional value about cuisine and life style has been influenced gradually. Nevertheless, I think we can’t say this evolution is good or negative because we live in a globalized time.