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Essay On The Importance Of Discipline In Students Life In HindiClick here Had he won in pledge.

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Concerning the structure, any essay on discipline would normally include three main parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. The introduction shouldn’t be long; it is built out of up to three paragraphs that reveal the thesis statement, present the main ideas and how they’re outlined. Logically, the body of the essay elaborates on and supports what was mentioned in the introduction in detail. Finally, conclusion is written to shortly summarize the ideas described and the assumptions that you’ve personally came to.

Short Essay on SelfDiscipline and its Importance. Life without Selfdiscipline is no life. the students are taught to behalf well.

Everyone should maintain the selfdiscipline in his life for the Selfrespect leads to selfdiscipline. of City Life Short Paragraph Essay for Students.

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Essay on discipline in student life. Think about violations of the preservation and that occurs when students face, first major ivy league feeders.

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Essay on discipline in student life. Join skilled non skilled courses what are the basic requirements.

Now I have to take time to repeat these corrections with an explanation. I will not suggest them again if you decide to keep them. But there are many mistakes.

I really agree that parents must educate their children in strict discipline. There are two reasons to support this argument. First, children need to be disciplined more strictly because they need to develop a positive mental attitude. In the fact, most children are not mature . ("yet" refers to right now, you are referring to the children's maturity at any time. It is not correct in the essay. "mature" is a better adjective than "matured." "matured" is OK for for the present perfect tense. ) Somehow, parents must say “no” instead of “yes” for certain good reasons. For example: parents must scold (is not a good word here. It is used for kidnapping, or for bad behavior; taking something I have without permission- George snatched my cell phone from me and ran away. ) their children because they would rather spend most of their time playing X-BOX than doing their homework. This method would open(the infinitive is used after a modal auxilliary) their eyes slowly; they would realize how (it is incorrect to begin a declarative mood clause with how. starts an interrogative mood clause. To keep , you have to make it an object. or are verbs to use. ) important it is (a subject and verb is required in the clause) to become a diligent person (you can omit this one, but the noun must follow the adjective "lazy." You can also omit "person" completely. " instead of a lazy person. If the parents do not tolerate (you need the verb "tolerate" with the auxilliary "do") laziness (direct object of ), children would be more conscious of how important it is to have responsibility for their study. Moreover, they will realize that they must work hard to succeed (a verb is required here) in their study. Second, strict discipline is the best method to remove bad habits or characteristics (you cannot remove a person's character from him. It is his whole being) from their personality. Though there is a (pain full is not correct) lot of pain in strict discipline, (the preceding is not a complete sentence) children will think about something that they must change in their mind. Nevertheless, we have a responsiblity to let them know the reason behind our actions. Certainly, children have the right perspective with the parent’s action. (I really don't know what you mean. Maybe "Children need to appreciate their parent's actions when they are disciplined, that this is for their ultimate good.") Children would be conscious of how important discipline is to change their mind set and character to become a better person.

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At the beginning of Discipline and Punish, Foucault gives the two different forms of punishment (one being a unfathomably gruesome torture and execution and the other being a daily schedule for prisoners in penitentiary) as examples of what he later discusses to be a change from punishment of the body to punishment of the soul. My initial reaction, however, was that the transition in punishment seemed to me to be from a "temporary" or "direct" punishment to a more "permanent" or "indirect" one. Punishment involving an explicit inflicting of physical pain can be regarded as temporary punishment and it is temporary in the sense that the greatest severity of punishment to the criminal is only in the moment that they are being dealt the punishment. This punishment, in relation to modern punishment, is short and direct; the criminal is tortured and beaten for a period of time lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a few days and is let go. This is in contrast to the many months or years a criminal today would spend in prison, but under relative physical comfort. The question therein lies in whether these two types of punishment are more or less or equivalent.


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