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Legal rulings and restrictions notwithstanding, the unfortunate fact remains that many children and teens drink. A 2008 study reported that 12.7% of eight graders, 30% of tenth graders, and 45.6% of twelfth graders admitted to getting drunk, at least occasionally. The figures are disturbing primarily because alcohol is not as easily abandoned as a young person may believe. The child or teen may think they are merely indulging in a forbidden and exciting pursuit, or may be drinking under the vast influence of peer pressure, and can set it aside when the fun, or the unpleasant repercussions, are over. Unfortunately, alcohol is addictive, and not only in a chemical manner. The child who indulges may easily discover that the “escape” provided by alcohol is exactly what they require to ease the problems of growing up, as adults turn to alcohol to avoid adult responsibilities. The sad reality is that, again, no population is as vulnerable as that of the very young, and this goes very much to the harm they may do themselves. The child who turns to alcohol, for whatever reason, is enabling a very dangerous process of commencing an addiction at a time in life when the addiction can take the greatest hold.

Fortunately, a far greater awareness of the problems of alcohol abuse in recent decades has greatly removed the stigma, as it has better exposed the vulnerabilities of children and teens themselves. Although seeking counseling or help may still be extremely difficult for the very young person dealing with alcoholism in the home, there are resources increasingly available, and consequently better known to them. Schools are more sensitive to the issue, and teachers at the elementary levels are being trained to note behaviors indicating alcohol problems at home. The situation for the child is never easy, but at least modern insights offer helpful interventions.

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Alcoholism is also more prevalent among child-abusing parents than those who do not abuse their children, and is more commonly associated with child abuse than any other disorder. The abuse is not limited to physical abuse; it comes in many forms, including sexual, verbal, emotional, and psychological abuse, as well as neglect. There are many reasons and theories behind the facts, all are true to a certain degree in most situations. Some say that alcoholics are generally more violent and prone to aggression, which makes their children a convenient target.

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This also results in the children lacking proper role models to learn from, and as teenagers, are more likely to do poorly in school, or drop out entirely and not pursue post-secondary education. Children of alcoholics have higher rates of truancy, arrest, depression, and addiction than their peers, and are usually more aggressive, obsessive, impulsive, and have lower self-esteem. (Parsons) Child abuse adds to the instability of the life of a child with alcoholic parents. While child abuse, unlike FAS, can also occur in families without alcoholic parents, 4/5 of reported cases involved substance abuse, commonly including alcohol.

Your search returned over 400 essays for "effects of alcohol"

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The Effects of Alcohol chart takes a look at the potential problems and risk factors associated with excessive alcohol consumption. Topics that are covered by graphics and text include the effects of alcohol on the nervous system, cirrhosis of the liver and fetal alcohol syndrome.

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alcoholism: cause and effects essays Alcoholism is the continued excessive and usually uncontrollable use of alcoholic drinks. There are many symptoms, complications.

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Heart Disease. Liver Conditions. Memory Loss. Stomach Disorders. These are some of the alcoholism cause and effects. Learn about the effects of alcoholism on the.

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Whitecloud90s Blog. 5 Paragraph Essay Cause and Effect November 3 Dont hesitate to read it to your advantage. 1348 words essay on Alcoholism and Drug.

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Alcohol Causes and Effects. Alcoholism is a disease in which the drinking of alcoholic beverages becomes a compulsion and produces characteristic symptoms.

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Nov 03, 2010One of the major problems in society is alcoholism. The effects of this disease are very dangerous and serious. It can cause many problems in a person's.