High School Dropouts: Cause and Prevention

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The benefits of a full college experience over dropping out?
1. Its a place of networking. And no, I’m not talking about World of Warcraft networking. I’m talking about meeting and working with PEERS that may one day be an asset to your career, which can help you land a cushy job. Success if a combination of not only WHAT you know (which is readily available on Wikipedia and such) but WHO you know. What are the chances of you meeting someone who can help make an impact on your career if it weren’t for college?

On another note, I think that “not knowing how to study” is an unworthy excuse. Everyone must re-learn how to study in college. Sometimes you must commit 15-20 hours to studying for an exam (spread it out 4 days in advance if you need to). It’s the nature of the beast. If you really want that degree, no excuse can stop you. So get your balls in gear and stop dropping out of school!

The main purpose of college is to graduate so you can get a job with a good starting salary, although many really are interested in furthering their education, that is the main purpose. Dropping out is one of the worst decisions one could make. I realize sometimes a person really has no other choice but it really isn’t that hard to stick it out and graduate, even if some of the classes are dumb, you just apply yourself, if that isn’t enough than it is obvious you just weren’t meant to go to college.

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On the contrary I do know personally one student who almost dropped out of high school, missed 4 months of his junior year..and is now literally a millionare from investing and becomming the owner of a fast food chain.

High School Dropouts: Causes and Prevention

1) I must say this is a shocker especially to high school students. This is not reccomended by any means but some realize the "mistake" they made or rather realize they have to "get it to together" and work extra hard in other venues such as starting/making their own business, or work very hard up through communtiy college to some even getting their doctoroate degree and becomming acollege professor as one of my college professors were. She implied that after she dropped out of high school she started in community college and used her "mistake" to push herself hard throughout the rest of her schooling. Many people think all the honors students all graduate college with high GPA's and then go onto to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, or have one of those "fictional entry level ceo positions where your in a fancy office of your own with a great view of the city of your choice making six figures..."...Nothing could be further from the truth...I know at least a dozen of alumni I graduated with who were in the highest of honors classes, full scholarships you named it and either dropped out of college from overpartying/doing no work, lost their scholarship and 2-4 years later have no degree AND owe 25+ thousand dollars in loans.

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Why have your peers dropped out of college?

1. The students themselves
They make wrong decisions. They get involved with gangs, drugs/alcohol, get pregnant and commit crimes. Many have a poor school attitude and are frequently bored by school. They are disconnected to their families, school and life. They do not see the reasons they need to go to school. They are not involved in school activities and lack self-esteem. Some have been promoted lacking skills needed for promotion. Some have undergone major illnesses and have missed too many days of school and have been informed that they will be held back. Because of many of the conditions listed above, they have been suspended and have fallen behind in their work and see little purpose of returning to school.

2. The family they come from

There is often a clash between the family values and those of the school. Frequently, their parents have dropped out of school themselves. The students come from families from low socio-economic backgrounds, where there are many other children. Older children often have to go to work in order to supply the family with much-needed funds for basic family needs or need to stay home to take care of younger siblings so that their parents can work. Many children come from non-English speaking homes with high mobility. Single parent homes have become the norm in the United States. Many children are products of divorce, separation or, sometimes, family violence. hey are not being raised by parents, but rather by aunts, uncles and grandparents. Families are not meeting some children's basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

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We all know that education is something children, teenagers and young adults have to consider as a serious matter in life. The importance of education has grown over the years. My father never finished high school, but somehow he has still managed to provide for his family. I doubt that students who set high goals for themselves would even consider dropping out of high school. Times have changed, therefore it is difficult to climb the ladder of success without a proper education.

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