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No, this is not the military or a high school marching band. This is the . Founded in 1980, the South Shore Drill Team is a non-profit organization that engages inner-city youth in passionate, productive activity—from hip-hop dancing to color guard performances—so they develop strong values and relationships; steer clear of drugs, gangs, and violence; and transcend the disadvantages imposed upon them by their surroundings.

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As an Air Force cadet corps, our unit participates in various challenging and enjoyable activities and competitions. One in particular that Rocklin/Whitney High School is known for is Drill Competitions. Held in high regard are our strategies from distinctive drilling and preparation to team building and bonding. Our theory is the team is as strong as its weakest member therefore the team aids one another and progresses and becomes stronger as one.

In preparation for Drill Competition twice a year we endure rigorous training with a Color Guard, Armed and Unarmed team. Three months prior to the competition we begin practice which includes dignified drilling, physical training and Midnight Madness. Throughout practice appointed Drill Team Commanders teach their teams their Regulation and Exhibition routines as well as a random inspection. Along with drilling we do P.T., which includes hundreds of pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, leg-lifts, mountain-climbers, running etc. All the while we have our former ASI Master Sergeant Romero screaming "pain is weakness leaving the body," as a way to unify our entire team as one and help each other to accomplish our main goal of being the best that we can be. All of this is in preparation for a long held tradition called Midnight Madness. Where we show Sergeant Wilkinson, A.K.A Diablo and Master Sergeant Romero what we've been working on for the past three months. We go through all three phases of the competitions: inspection, regulation and exhibition. The kind of inspection that Diablo and Sergeant Romero gives us is an in-your-face, hardcore inspection, where we just get ripped apart. This is prepare you us with the discipline we need to excel in a Drill Competition, JROTC and life in general. Therefore the preparation for a Drill Competition consists of perfecting Drill maneuvers, intense physical training and Midnight Madness.

However, not all preparation for a Drill Competition is hardcore...

1. Essential items for the drill team bag: hair brush, Kleenex, feminine products, deodorant, scented body spray, container of bobby pins, safety pins, drill team makeup, various dance shoes, rain poncho (this is issued with the uniform), and drill team notebook.

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The Ballpark is our most successful and profitable fundraiser of the entire year! Over half of our entire budget is earned working the concession stand. This money is divided equally among each drill team member regardless of who is doing the work, so it is imperative that each family do their share! As parents, we pride ourselves in being responsible and setting examples for our children. The Ballpark is the most important opportunity that you have as a member of the Sundancer family to show your willingness to do your part. We work hard, but also share many laughs as we wrap dogs and fill ice buckets. The atmosphere at The Ballpark is one of camaraderie and lighthearted banter with all the soda and nachos you can eat!

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The Sundancer Drill Team is going to be your daughters life. Please be a part of the Sundancer experience and show interest in her activities. This will give you the unique opportunity to stay connected with your daughter in a time when teens tend to become distant. If you stay active and involved in your daughters activities, you can become closer and form bonds at a time in their development which is critical to their success as adults. The younger girls seem to be embarrassed at their parents involvement at first, but as they see the older girl’s parents involvement, this perception quickly changes! They are disappointed when you are NOT there! The girls take pride and truly appreciate your involvement. You will never regret one single moment spent supporting her Sundancer Experience. It is truly a team sport that includes the girls, directors, parents, family and friends.

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Football Season: Parents, family, and friends are encouraged to attend. We sit beside the girls at home games, and usually beside them or in front of them at away games. Remember that while your dancer is in the stands, she is performing at all times. Please only speak to them during 3rd quarter. They will be under the stands or by concessions.
Pep Rally Performances: Parents are encouraged to attend. Sit across from the band in the middle of Gym A. And Homecoming Pep Rally is a DO NOT MISS event!
Homecoming: Some have mums, some do not, so do not sweat it! They do wear their mums/dresses to school and then they carry the mums on a hangar to the game to be displayed in front of the drill team in the stands. Once again, do not miss the Homecoming Pep Rally!

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Veterans of Foreign Wars Award: Recognizes an Outstanding ASIII or ASIV cadet who Have a positive attitude toward AFJROTC., have outstanding military bearing and conduct, Possess strong positive personal attributes (such as courtesy, dependability, punctuality, respect, and cooperation), Demonstrate patriotism (being a member of the color guard or drill team) and actively promote Americanism., Demonstrate leadership potential, Attain a grade of “B” in AFJROTC with an overall average grade of “C” in all subjects for the previous semester, Be active in student activities. Not have been previous recipients of this award.

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The teams we offer (all led by cadets), are Archery, Orienteering, Raiders (outdoor skills), Drum line, Academic and Leadership knowledge bowl, Color guard, Upperclassman drill team, Freshman drill team, Armed exhibition drill team, Unarmed exhibition drill team, Armed regulation drill team and Physical fitness team. These teams attend various competitions locally and across the country and historically have been very successful. We also offer a leadership camp every June and spring break trips to historical sites and service academies.

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The less I was at home the better I could deal with things that my siblings did. After middle school I went to Northeast High School, which is about two minutes away from Rickards. I joined the Junior Reserves Officer Training Corps (JROTC). Within that organization I joined the drill team and the color guard...
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City of Arlington 4th of July Parade and Practice: The practice is held in the parking lot on the west side of Martin (the band lot). The girls will march behind the band through the neighborhood across from MHS. It is nice if we have some volunteers to spray the girls as they march as it gets hot and there are some hills in that neighborhood. The parade is mandatory for girls and we have parents and siblings volunteer to help keep the girls cool while they march. We spray them with ice water as we walk along with them through the route. Let us know if you want to help with this. It is a lot of fun. Otherwise, get with your friends and form a sea of red Martin Dance shirts along the parade route! Wear sunscreen and make sure your Sundancer has applied some as well! Hydrate your daughter this week!
Rookie Camp: This is required for all new members on the team. You will learn the Fight song, stand routines, and get to know your Officer before all of the Veterans return the next week.
Sundancer Camp: The girls work on drill team basics. They will practice technique and begin learning some routines. This is an exciting time as the girls work together and get to help each other. The girls will receive their Big/Little Sisters at this camp. Parents will not be needed at this event.
Raising the Barre Camp: We host our own camp at Martin High School. Our team joins with other teams from around Arlington to learn their football, pep rally, and Competition routines. They will also be able to try out for All City Jazz and All City Kick. Because we, as a Booster Club, host this event, it is extremely labor intensive for our Booster Club Board and parent participation is crucial. We will have volunteer opportunities for just about everyone. The camp runs from about 7am to 10pm. We will need parents to help sell spirit wear, run concessions, pick up and pass out lunches, bake cookies/brownies (we serve 700 desserts a day), etc. We make good money for our girls during this event and it is a great chance to get to see what your girls are doing every day! They will be too tired to explain when they get home!!