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Sports And Doping Essay doping (dpng) n. E use of a drug, such as a steroid or a blood product, such as erythropoietin, to improve athletic performance. Ping (dp) n 1.

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When doping substances are discovered to have been used, chances are that the outcome of the sport would be disreputed and mostly this goes hand in hand with chaos. Still another reason why drug use is allowed is that drug users who emerge winners in sports may be mistakenly be taken as role models by the young upcoming professionals and this might set a very bad precedent that would later prove to be rather difficult to change. (O’Leary J. 76)

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The shallowness of the coverage on the latest sports doping by athletes and how doping becoming the issue in every sport. The weakness in the health risk arguments because the risks have not proven to be deterrent, and many athletes are willing to risk their health to

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Sports and doping essay

Doping in sport is the use of drugs that enhance one’s performance. Most of these drugs are prohibited by various sports organizations and especially the international Olympic Committee which refer to the habit as unethical. Doping is basically prohibited in sports because of various reasons firstly; it poses health risks to the performer. Secondly, it denies other competitors equal chance to win and thirdly, it paints a very bad picture to the general public and again this might mislead the youth who tend to emulate these characters.

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As noted above, doping contravenes the sports and medical ethics because it is unfair method of competition and that is why it is often referred to as cheating. Doping could either be deliberate or not. This is because there are those who take the drugs deliberately to enhance their performance and there are those who tests positive as a result of having taken them on medical grounds. Some drugs that are taken for various illnesses contain some doping substances but it is unfortunate that the machines used to test cannot differentiate between the two types of drugs. (Woodland, L.

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What should be known is that these drugs do not always produce the intended results and it is for this reason that in 1960’s Olympics that were held in Rome Knud Jensen, a cyclist died on the very first day after the opening day immediately after he competed his 100 km cycling journey. This case expressed how drug usage in sports had become rampant but many cases went unnoticed. Today, doping in sports has taken another dimension and it is a bit sophisticated than it was in the past times as athletes use the latest technologies in their application.