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In , the writer needs to have the deep idea of the topic. By insight knowledge of the topic, the writer can compare the resemblance and differences of ideas in the essay. Additionally, by writing compare and contrast essay the writer can create relations between ideas and can critically think about the topic that leads to creating an interesting analysis. Through focusing on the similarities and differences, the writer gains a deeper understanding of the items that he/she is comparing and the relationship along with the importance about the issues in critique essay sample.

is also called an expository essay, which is written to teach specific topic. The informative essay helps the writer to compare the perspective of a controversial matter and conclude the author’s opinions. In an informative essay, the writer can examine data such as cause and effect of a situation and solution of a specific problem. The informative essay helps the writer to enhance its way of written skills and explore relevant information. By exploring the sample critique essay, the writer presents information about the critical essay writing, which can lead the writer produce a thoughtful paper. Unlike critique essay sample the structure of the informative essay comprises, the beginning, middle, and end. The beginning includes the topic and the focus sentence. The middle will contain all facts and information and the end structure comprises the summary of the whole critique essay sample.

In , the writer needs to consider some significant steps or criteria. To write this kind of essay, the writer should pick one article and based on which the writer needs to consider the article summary as a significant part in the critical essay. The critique essay sample helps the writer knowledge about the steps or criteria. Additionally, critique essays do not concern with the content of the critique essay sample. Critique essay sample emphasizes that the writer or the author presented the argument effectively or not. To develop critique essay sample, the writer needs to follow different steps. The first step requires the introduction part, where the writer needs to describe the work and the Author of the critique essay sample. In the second step of critique essay sample summary that portrays the main ideas of the essay, third step arguments where writer present the judgment of the authors work. Finally, the next step is the evaluation in this section the writer needs to present the agreement and disagreement to the author’s judgments as well as the conclusion of the critique. In , the writer needs to follow critique sample essay to gain a better insight of the sections, which leads to a well-structured critique essay sample.

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As aforementioned, the writer steeps his literary piece in the turbulent political times. His writing is bluntly honest, although, it contradicts with some of his works. The piece of work is composed in a reflective state of mind. He takes a critical view of himself and the world around him. He writes this work as an effort to gain his stature and standing in government. Most of his contemporaries in the overthrown government were quickly reabsorbed back to service, which motivates him to write The Prince, with the hope of presenting it to the ruler of the time. He was not successful in his attempt. The writer uses a very authoritative voice in his work. His critical and cynical view, presents him as an angry man. His imprisonment was based on false accusations, which may act as the reason he is angry.

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Literary critique is necessary when an author is handing a manuscript for publication. The critique is used to design marketing strategy and determine the target readership for the piece of work. In literature, critique of a book is necessary to determine the historical background of the work. This analysis, gives an insight into what influences a writer to create a piece. Through criticism, the message of writer is passed to readers. Book critique presents a summarized version of the writers work and aim of writing. Book criticism, follows a certain critiquing instrument in order to achieve a masterpiece criticism. This paper aims to use the literary critique instrument to analyze an excerpt of The Prince by Machiavelli. The paper will use the instrument to give a clear analysis of Machiavelli piece of work.

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