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Concluding this essay it appears crime is both socially constructed and real.

Crime is the product of the social structure; it is embedded in the very fibres of society. In this essay, I aim to explore different theories as to why crime exists within society and how we as a society therefore construct it. Crime is a social construct; it is always in society and is on the increase. It is inevitable. Where does it come from? It comes from legislation, from the making of laws.

Social construction of illness essay. You will not owe us a fee unless we obtain compensation for you. According to the 5th Amendment to the U. . A later generation of conventions expands the scope of protection provided by Convention No. Accidents can be caused by anyone and any million ways, but the following car accident at fault reasons and groups cause most of the accidents on the roads. This information does not include provisions on the duration and conditions of entitlement to benefits, derogations allowed under these instruments, or higher levels of benefits provided by relevant recommendations. Managing catastrophic injuries can be complicated and require the assistance of a multitude of healthcare professionals. Schneider. Victims of catastrophic injuries may suffer from a loss of movement or sensation. It is unlawful for an individual to be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Humblet: Standards for the XXIst century: Social security (Geneva, ILO, 7557). While you concentrate on regaining your health, we will handle all the legal aspects of your claim. 6997. All injuries small or large should be taken up with a lawyer. Behaviors become crimes through a process of social construction.

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Young (1992:51-53) believes there are four elements in understanding crime. These are; the victim, the offender, reaction of the formal agencies of the state and the reaction of the public. These four elements produce the 'Square of crime'. The crime rate is the product from a reaction of these events. The victim may encourage offenders through inadequate defence or may indulge in crime due to his personality. The offenders include themselves (types of crimes committed, offending rates and so on). The state has the power to label individuals and society so can force formal or informal social control. To control crime there must be intervention at each part of the square, at the level of factors which give rise to the punitive offender. Left realism proposes that crime can be tackled through participation with the public, together with right realism they believe their questions can be answered through public surveys. The states response is not doing a good enough job, so the public's ideas could be a step in the right direction. Broaden et al (1988:55) criticize the left realist approach. "The truth is that whilst it would be nice (and convenient) to think that complex public policies could be based directly on people's experiences, perceptions and attitudes, it is anything but realistic. The reality is that peoples limited experiences, unreconstructed perceptions and shifting attitudes do not translate immediately and unproblematically into socially just policies - even if a survey could get at them accurately". Concluding this essay it appears crime is both socially constructed and real. Crime is socially constructed in the form of labelling individuals transforming the deviants into criminals. The media is responsible for over- and under-representation resulting in moral panics. Crime can be caused through feelings of exploitation and inequality through living and working in a capitalist society. Gender roles can influence the rates of crime between males and females. Above all crime is real. Victims live to tell the tale. Crime is presented as a huge problem which certain issues need to be addressed. While there are some flaws to the radical theories, crime certainly is a reality.

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In the BBC article written by Mark Gaston, he reiterates that, ‘one cultures crime is another cultures social norm’. This concept is crime as a social construct. In 1963 Becker created the ‘Labeling Theory which illustrated that crime is dependent upon social reaction and that the societal consensus is regularly challenged. At the beginning of my essay I provided the concepts I have reached the conclusion that there is no right or wrong answer to define crime. The dictionary defines crime as punishable by law yet also defines rime as a sin.

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