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Thoughts on the ZYX cartridges - I owned a ZYX Airy 2 SB (along with a Benz Ebony LP, Koetsu Urushi, VdH Colibri and VdH Condor). I could never get the Airy 2 to come alive in my system despite changes in VTF and VTA (I have a VPI TNT-5 HR). The Airy 2 was very polite, neutral, but uninvolving. I returned it to the distributor and acquired a ZYX UNIverse which I just installed. Right out of the box the UNIverse is a stunning cartridge. I have about 8 hours on it. All the LPs that I have played sound wonderful, even the LPs that shouldn't, sound wonderful. Suspecting a euphonic coloration I called a friend who had just installed a ZYX Airy 3 in his system. My friend concurred. He felt that his ZYX had a wonderful coloration that made everything sound brilliant, vivid and dynamic. He had just had a friend over who is doing an LP reissue. In my friend's system they compared a CD-R taken from the master tape with a test pressing LP taken from the master tape. With my friend's regular cartridge (which is respected for its neutrality), my friend thought the CD-R and LP test pressing sounded very, very similar. With the ZYX Airy 3 the test pressing was much more musical and enjoyable, but it sounded less like the CD-R.

In place of this disastrous law which would make the crown hereditary, Iwould suggest a quite different one which, if accepted, would preserve theliberty of Poland; this would be to prescribe by constitutional law that thecrown should never pass from father to son, and that every son of a Polish kingshould forever be excluded from the throne. I say that I would propose this lawif it were necessary; but I have in mind another plan which would produce thesame effect, and I shall defer until the proper time my explanation of it; butassuming that my plan has the effect of excluding sons from the throne of theirfather, at least in direct succession, I believe that the ensurance of libertywill not be the only advantage resulting from this exclusion. It will give riseto another even greater benefit; which is that, by depriving kings of all hopeof usurping arbitrary power and passing it on to their children, it will directall their energies toward the glory and prosperity of the state, the soleremaining outlet for their ambitions. It is thus that the ruler of the nation,ceasing to be its hereditary enemy, will become its first citizen; it is thusthat he will make it his great concern to render his reign illustrious byuseful works, which will endear him to his people, win him the esteem of hisneighbours, and make men bless his memory after him; and it is thus that, apartfrom the means of coercion and seduction, which should never be left in hishands, it will be proper to increase his power in all that pertains to thepublic welfare. He himself will have little direct and immediate power ofaction; but he will have great authority, and great powers of supervision andcontrol, to hold each man to his duty, and to guide the government towards itstrue goal. To preside over the diet, the senate and all corporate groups, toexamine strictly the conduct of all office-holders, to take great pains tomaintain justice and the integrity of all the law courts, to preserve order andtranquillity in the state, to maintain its position abroad, to command itsarmies in time of war, to inaugurate useful works in time of peace, these arethe duties which particularly pertain to his royal office, and which will givehim enough to do if he tries to discharge them in person. For, considering thatthe details of administration are entrusted to officials created for thatpurpose, it should be a criminal offence for a king of Poland to entrust anypart of his own administrative authority to favourites. Let him ply his tradein person, or abandon it; this is an important point, on which the nation oughtnever to yield.

Obvious Conclusion- Veteran audiophiles shouldn't be surprised at the above actions of the audio press. It is totally consistent with the magazines' collective behavior during the last 15 years. It is just one more routine example of who they are really "looking after". They also totally ignore the Denon 103, guess why?

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His ["Festivities, or The Triumph of Thalia"] with a libretto by was presented at the on 19 August 1714. In the prologue, in a scenic design which represented the stage of the Opéra, , the muse of Comedy, triumphs over , the muse of Tragedy. This dramatic conceit resulted in a , obliging La Font to immediately prepare a revised opening entitled "La critique des fêtes de Thalie" (presented on 9 October). In the 1720 edition the title was changed to , and in 1722 a new opening was added, "La provençale", which featured regional costumes, instruments, and well-known melodies sung in the dialect. The 1722 version proved to be more acceptable and very popular, and continued to be performed up until 1778.

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It is a pre-Spanish era. There were men and women in a church. The men wore kamisa de chino while the women were dress in [damit ng girls? ewan!]. It is like the men were courting the women in the church. The women were shy while the men are aggressive and they are trying to pursue the women. C. Memorable feature of the concert

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These are only a few examples that I have used, that apply tomy concept of sub-genre. The important thing is to understand that sub-genre helps break up the genresso that we have an even better understanding of what the film is really about before we evenview it. I try to look at the future and see if it is possible for a sub-genre to so effect our cultureand philosophies that it could possibly turn into its own genre. The following 30 sub-genres are the ones Iprefer to use as my main sub-genres. There could be more, but for now I like to use these.

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Beethoven may have written more striking works than this symphony, and several of his other compositions make a greater impact on the public. But it has to be admitted that the is so powerful in its musical thought and execution, its style so energetic and so constantly elevated, and its form so poetic, that it is the equal of the composer’s very greatest works. Whenever this symphony is performed I am overcome with feelings of deep and as it were antique sadness; yet the public seems hardly moved. One must feel sorry for the predicament of the artist: though fired with such enthusiasm he has not managed to make himself intelligible even to an élite audience and make it rise it to the level of his own inspiration. This is all the more regrettable as in other circumstances this same audience warms up to the composer and shares his emotion and tears. It is fired with an ardent and genuine passion for some of his compositions, which may be equally worthy of admiration but are nevertheless no more beautiful than this work. It appreciates at its true worth the in A minor of the , the of the , the finale of the , the of the . It even appears to be deeply moved by the funeral march of this symphony – the . But as far as the first movement is concerned, there is no escaping the truth, and I have observed this for more than twenty years: the public listens to it with composure, regards it as a well crafted and quite powerful piece, but beyond that … nothing. There is no point in philosophising. It is no good saying to oneself that the same has always been true everywhere for all artistic creations of an elevated kind, that the springs of poetic emotion are hidden and difficult to fathom, that the feeling for beauty which some individuals possess is completely absent from the masses, even that it cannot possibly be otherwise… None of this provides any consolation or can appease the anger – call it instinctive, involuntary, even absurd if you like – which fills one’s heart at the sight of a misunderstood masterpiece, of a composition of such nobility which the crowd observes but does not see, listens to but does not hear, and allows to pass by with hardly a sideways glance, as though dealing with something mediocre or ordinary. It is dreadful to have to say to oneself with total certainty: what I find beautiful is for me, but may not be so for my best friend. Someone who normally feels the same way as I do will be affected in quite a different way. It may be that the work which sends me into raptures, makes me shiver, and moves me to tears, leaves him cold, or even annoys and irritates him…

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Objectives: The student is expected to listen and respond critically to music in a live performance environment and to articulate an informed, personal reaction in a coherent and engaging manner. You must demonstrate an awareness of the subject matter by communicating your interpretation of the concert as it reflects Western Art music. Include a discussion that informs the reader of the historical and social context in which the music originally fit and how it is relevant now.