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“Any persons charged with an offence has the right to be tried within a reasonable time. ” The most terrible thing about both Guantanamo Bay’s disregard for human rights and treatment of foreigners is the strong aversion The United States has towards the reconstruction and the development of new methods of operation for Guantanamo Bay. Gathering military intelligence is a high priority but that priority should never be at the cost of a possible innocent person’s well being.

I guarantee you I could get one person to give more information (compared to trying to get information from ten detainees using current methods) if I was to convince that one person that we’re the good guys and we’re their friends. ” In summation, Guantanamo Bay is a corrupt institution because it ignores fundamental human rights by cruelly treating residents, it withholds possible innocent detainees like Omar Khadr and The U. S. is not showing any sign of changing Guantanamo Bay’s methods even though it might prove a more efficient way of gathering military intelligence.

I brought my earnings from around the world home to New York City and paid my taxes. That money was spent by the U.S. government on Guantanamo Bay, drone bombs, surveillance, capital punishment, prisons for whistleblowers, corporate subsidies and bank bailouts.

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With increasingly bad reputation, Guantanamo Bay has become a symbol of the America's failure to live up to a "civilized" society. Because of the torturing of Prisoner's of War, the world and America demands that it be shut down and the prisoner's released. Guantanamo Bay, however, should not be shut down because it does more good than bad. More regulations and a better oversee of the operations of interrogations should be implemented in order to appease the masses and to preserve America's reputation.

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As both a candidate and as president, Barack Obama repeatedly expressed his desire to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The facility and its role in the military's detention operations have been deeply controversial from the beginning of the war against Al Qaeda. Timelines for closing the facility have come and gone, yet the administration has been stymied by legislation that has made the task extremely difficult. Detention has been litigated up and down the federal appellate ladder. And as criminal trials have begun for some of the inmates in military commissions, the legal questions surrounding their detention and treatment have only gotten thornier.

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- A Kuwaiti man being held at Guantanamo Bay has told the BBC in a rare interview that the force-feeding of hunger strikers amounts to torture. -

President Obama made his most direct outreach to Muslims around the world Monday…Bush’s invasion of Iraq, imprisonment of Muslims at Guantanamo Bay, isolation of Iran, and support for Israel in its relations with the Palestinians and in the war with Hezbollah made many in Islamic nations believe that his administration was hostile to their religion.

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The normalization of relations with Cuba is — on balance — the right decision, and one that I have long publicly supported. But we should not rush to close a vital naval station as part of whatever deal is struck. Guantanamo Bay is much more than a detention facility.

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But there are benefits to maintaining the base for Havana, too, especially if the economy is opened. A base the size of Guantanamo Bay could help improve the economy of southern Cuba: at the moment, everything at the naval station is imported, but that could change to local procurement. It will also continue to be a hub for humanitarian and counternarcotics efforts on the part of the United States, providing a constructive linkage between the two governments as they seek to find zones of cooperation. It could also potentially serve as a multinational location for joint efforts in defense and developmental cooperation with partners and allies in the region.

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Today, of course, the words “Guantanamo Bay” instantly conjure up only the holding facility for combatants captured around the world. While the facility today is thoroughly inspected (including frequent visits by the International Committee of the Red Cross, media, legislators), it retains a highly negative reputation around the world. With fewer than 200 detainees remaining, it is increasingly difficult to justify the manpower and expense of keeping the facility open. But whether it can be closed will depend on the president’s willpower, the mood of the Congress, and the willingness of the international community to absorb some the detainees. We cannot know how the story of the detention facility will yet unfold.

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Guantanamo Bay is much more than the detention facility that has become so infamous around the world since 9/11. It is the logistical hub for the Navy’s Fourth Fleet, which conducts humanitarian projects, disaster relief, and medical diplomacy throughout the region. Guantanamo Bay is the staging area to help refugees, particularly in the event of a massive displacement of people following hurricanes, earthquakes, or political upheavals. And it is a source of intelligence collection and information sharing in the multinational counternarcotics mission attempting to reduce the flow of cocaine and illegal migrants to the United States.