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[...] Photo essay of an abandoned city somewhere in Russia. Looks nice. [...]

Over the course of the last year Boston-based photographer has been working with to produce a photo essay tracing the rise of public art in Toronto. His ongoing series explores the way in which this work animates the city’s unique canvas, dissolving traditional distinctions between public and private, home and institution, natural and urban, high art and daily life.

This is the first of many “photo essays’ we will be publishing in the months to come at Nearshore Americas. Enjoy and feel free to suggest the next city we should feature!

NOT OFFICIAL VIDEO - PHOTO ESSAY. This is just a little project I'm doing for University. Its just a walk through of Yorkville to the iconic University of Toronto University College Doorway. Enjoys!

follow me on twitter and see what other photography projects i have up my sleeve.

Location: Yorkville, Toronto, Canada
Song: City of Blinding Lights - U2

All copyrights for City of Blinding Lights is held by U2.

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[...] An Abandoned City is a nifty photo essay about an unnamed city in Russia that was put out to pasture after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The pictures are eerie and bleak, and best of all from a GMing perspective, almost entirely devoid of era-specific details. [...]

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[...] Thanks to an article on Boing Boing, I checked out a website called English Russia specifically a photo essay about an unidentified abandoned city located somewhere in Russia. Apparently the city was created during the days of the Soviet Union and when the USSR collapsed, this city, apparently maintained mostly by the Soviet military and USSR financial backing, was abandoned. It has several haunting yet interesting photographs taken around the ruins with some commentary from the blog’s author. [...]

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[...] first, unnamed, city is featured in a photo-essay on the English Russia site. It was a closed city during the Soviet era; strategically important [...]

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Actually this is a fascinating photo essay of an abandoned city in the Soviet Union, left to gradually die off while the USSR collapsed. Check out An Abandoned City Here is a little photo-session of an abandoned city. When the Soviet Union collapsed, g…

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You are preparing a museum exhibit about the immigrant experience at the turn of the century. Your task is to create a photo essay that shows what life in the city slums was like. Select photographs and artwork form the early 1900s and accompany them with explanations.

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Your photo essay should bring to life the people and living conditions in a crowded city in the early 1900s. It should inform the viewer about the people who lived in American cities and the problems they faced.